Where to find information specifically for TLE?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Trench, May 11, 2020.

  1. Trench New Member

    Hey I'm a new player just wondering what databases you use to look up information?

    I like to read and theory craft but every guide I find is usually outdated. Is there any site that has eq2 information that you can filter by a specific expansion?

    Someone pointed out eq2wire to me which helps to see where most players of a specific class usually put their points but I wish there was somewhere that had a writeup on each AA ability what specifically it did.

    My defiler currently has both soul ward and cannibalize. Then 20% haste from pet and the crit talent. I'm not sure where to put my last few AA points.

    Like for example https://eq2.fandom.com/wiki/Aura_of_Warding I can't find out how much % of a ward is actually gives so its hard to tell if it is worth it.

    Another question I had is if procs of the same type stack. So if i buy an aug of blasting and put it on two weapons and a ranged weapon is that 3x the procs?

    I see there are dailies and a ton of them. I often see people looking for hunters which I'm guessing is for max levels. Is there any dailies I can or should be doing that are solo? My highest is in their 50s so far. When I pull up the task list to see reset time there is like 100+ things on there. So I don't know if thats all in the game, only some of it or what. ATM all i do daily is the crafting one on my tradeskill character.

    Anyway, new player just trying to make my way through. Enjoying myself so far so any help would be appreciated thanks!
  2. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    As for what abilities actually does... The game is 15 years old and multiple abilities and AAs have been changed throughout the years. Tooltips dont match. The only way you can figure out how to optimize your character is doing several of the same encounters with advanced combat tracker running and looking at the numbers afterwards.
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  3. vexen New Member

    For AA and cast priorities I would find another defiler in game and just hit them up. I cant speak for everyone obviously but If someone ask me questions about Illy I will give them any information I know, in fact I even made a quick quide posted in the unofficial discord. The dailys are the hunter quest there are some for each expansion that give tokens that allow you to purchase BIS items. They are all group. People generally run the most current tier ones. You may be able to find KOS runs still but mostly everyone is doing the EOF ones. The 100's you see in the timers section are all the ones on live as well as ours. Procs of the same name dont typically stack though the proc chance may increase with multiple of them.
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