When can we expect a pvp server?

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by WhiteHulk, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Obano Well-Known Member

    Why does the PvP server have to be a TLE server? Why not make it an end game, current content live server. Of course people can level lock if they want to. Here is the pitch on how Daybreak can make a tonn of money off of it. Allow transfers to and from the server. Want to turn off your pvp flag? Pay Daybreak $50 to transfer to another server. Want to PvP without leveling another new alt? Pay Daybreak $50 to transfer on the PvP server. There would be an endless stream of people bringing IoR geared characters over to the PvP server.
  2. Frostfang Member

    That's a very interesting idea but I feel like that would remove a lot of the competitive edge from the server. Plus, progression servers are more popular than live servers. If pvp as a whole were more popular, I could see this as a viable alternative that exists alongside a TLE pvp server.
  3. Swerver New Member

    Creating a live pvp server may be more work and harder to uphold as they would have to add all sorts of pvp elements into expansions and content that came out after pvp was taken out of live servers. I don't think returning pvp players (which is A LOT) would take interest in learning years worth of new features when they really only came back for the pvp aspect.
  4. WhiteHulk New Member

    Swerver I Completely agree I do personally believe they need to make a pvp server back to where it never went past
    Sentinel's Fate i feel like if they stopped there for pvp it would be great and alot of people would play it again. idk how you guys feel about that.
  5. Nuada Member

    Chains of Eternity lvl 95 is also good i got fights 6 vs 6 for 30-40 min - vs russia grp / Balance was Good it was more the best tactic wins, but all had full pvp armor, so all need that gear for a good Balance, and a nice tactic play style to win, it need no tle fixes only a way to get pvp gear and maybe over time new gear at the same lvl

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