What Zeboxuruk Discovered? And the True Fear of the Gods....

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    This is just theory but since the plane of prophecy it seems that time is much more powerful force in the universe...this only my theory btw....
    And some hints in the terrors of thalumbra seemed to point to the fact that the gods and mortals existence are detrimental to each other but necessary if the gods are to continue to exist.
    It seems being forgotten is the true means to kill a god forever but.....
    Anashti Sul has returned but the reason was due to the fact the peacock cult kepted her memory alive....

    If memories keep the gods why others have not returned yet?
    Zou Kunnen,Paixao,Aniquilacion,Pingyuan Diqu,Xul'Varian why they are still dead? If the glaufaye still live and remember their gods why they have not returned?

    If those memories from time, immemorial keep gods alive why some are yet to appear or dead?

    Did Zeb Found out something of this nature....it seems chronomancy is not very popular in pratice among mages why? How dangerous is?
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    Anashti Sul was never actually killed. She was banished to the Void, and serves as the final raid boss of the entirety of The Shadow Odyssey expansion because she's trying to make her return to Norrath. She was mainly forgotten to Norrath because records of the Sul'Dae and the location of the Silent City and Living Tombs were just physically lost to the desert sands as time passed.

    Roehn Theer has always been overzealous of using his Godslayer powers to put the gods in their place. He had some never-explained line-of-thinking that the Gods creating mortals whenever they want would be bad for disrupt the balance of the universe, if even only temporarily. It's not really explained what that "balance" was supposed to mean. The Gods obviously disagreed.

    A collection quest from the Thalumbra overworld map grants the book "The Unforgotten", which explains that if a god is killed, all mortals instantly forget their existence (though it seems to indicate that they are forgotten with the passage of time as the knowledge fails to be passed on.) Zou Kunnen turned the Glaufaye immortal to make them ageless and impervious to mortal injury, thus forcing them to keep her memory alive. All of those mentioned gods and an unknown number more are truly dead.

    Chronomancy's popularity (or rather lack-thereof) is explained by the Droag chronomancers that you assist during the Age's End prophecy and the upcoming fight against Kerafyrm. Basically, most mortals are unable to fully comprehend the finer details of temporal mechanics without suffering from serious mental damage or death. Those droags have been studying the physics behind temporal paradoxes and alternate time threads for thousands of years just to be able to accomplish all that you're able to carry out against Kerafyrm.
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    Awesome lore thanks for the answer

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