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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by WhiteHulk, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. WhiteHulk New Member

    so what I've read from many posts is that we want a pvp server that isn't going to be seasonal ( I personally didn't like it Idk about others ) don't bring in Battlegrounds it will just ruin the pvp again like it did a long time ago ( killed off open world pvp mostly ) dont release a new xpack to fast because it will kill server depending on ( TLE or Live ) I personally think you should bring out a live server where no one can transfer to it and you can not boost for the first 3 months ) that way people are on equal ground also leave level locking in the game so that people can pvp at all tiers and have fun just like the good old days and fix stats because treasured being better than mastercrafted has ruined a lot of tiers of pvp I remember when mastercrafted gear was a huge goal for people where you would grind at level 9 for hours if not days for all the mats you needed to be able to pvp at 12 and have fun and then keep doing that all the way to max level fight over ladon and other open world x2s-x3s-x4s with groups of friends or guilds the stats the way they are now will just kill pvp again since it doesn't bring any uniqueness to the players character or builds and then have atleast 2 people who are active mods/admins on the server for 6-8 hours a day each so that way you can get rid of the toxic people in the game. also do the small open world events again for the pvp servers it was awesome and everyone enjoyed doing it while pvping! ( atleast in my case ) there is much more but tbh I dont think this thread will get a lot of people reading or nice input mostly just salty/toxic input
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  2. Sixgauge Active Member

    They should just do BGs, not enough devs or population to sustain a PvP server which has been proven many times already.
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  3. TheAngryCookie New Member

    I agree, BG's were trash and took all of the fun out of open world pvp. Its a shame pvp is gone from EQ2, its the reason I played for damn near a decade.
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  4. Swerver New Member

    Open world events on pvp server such as Warfields also led to the death of pvp. It provided a reward which made it the only reasonable time to pvp and once the event ended then there wasn't a single target in sight. Warfields was a stretch to keep pvp alive once BG's and other catastrophes happened not to enrich it.

    If they are going to have a reward, it needs not to be with an event but with any sort of pvp kill.
  5. Renew New Member

    Can I just please update and say what they're going to do with PVP been waiting for a long time now they said something back in November
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  6. WhiteHulk New Member

    didn't mean warfields I meant where you go the appearance helm and cloak that shrunk you amongst other stuff
  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain, but I suspect it's going to be awhile before they even fix half the problems with BoL, never mind do anything else.
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  8. Trasor Active Member

    I think there would be enough population if it was branded as permanent (at least from the outset).

    Have seen requests for an update on Discord as well, we shall see if they mention anything soon. I bet most of the PvP population does not still play their old characters so I doubt BG's would be effective.
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  9. Trasor Active Member

    I just heard a reply from Dreamweaver today at 1:37 in Kaladim discord re PvP update:

    "There is no update"
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  10. Frostfang Member

    Very sorry situation we have here. Its probably difficult for the devs to commit to any specific date, but it would be inexcusable to go another few years without accommodating a sizable portion of the community. Making a pvp server people like isn't impossible, they should at least promise that they will make one eventually.
  11. Siren Well-Known Member

    Let's face it, they can't even relabel mats that were already labeled for 15 years. :p BoL has so many bugs and problems that they probably won't be able to do anything else but pick away at it for the majority of this year.
  12. Seth Active Member

    what you want this game cant provide and never will provide. so please can we leave the EQ2PVPSERVER meme and let it rest in piece.
  13. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    the reason pvp in eq2 never seems to pan out , is the players not darkpaw. a large player base will simply not remain on a server where they are repeatedly made unhappy . call them all the names you like but they still wont stay and be grief-ed
    and or bullied .
    so far as I can see the only way pvp would work is battleground games.. and even there you would have to attach all rewards to the game play and results, with the pvp an incidental part of play . other wise you would be back to the groups of spawn-campers potting the revives and trolling out the clock to the last second.
    I'd also not add any particular new gear for it , stay with the K.I.S.S principal and see how it goes for 3 months..
  14. Frostfang Member

    This argument makes me lose brain cells every time I see it brought up. The majority of players that were on the new pvp servers were on the old servers once too, do you really think that these old pvpers have completely flipped into pve'ers that can't stand pvp anymore? The obvious issue here is sheer lack of communication between the players and the developers. They're extremely disconnected from this portion of the EQ2 community and don't value player feedback.
  15. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    no reason to lose anything in that statement.. the numbers do not lie. pvp servers always open with a bang .. then the population moves else where . the developers put up the play ground, they put what rules in place that they can. and then the players play it how they will.
    and over overwhelmingly the player base walks away from any place that makes them consistently unhappy, I made a character on the last pvp server and season at the midway mark of the season , on a Saturday afternoon logged in to freeport start island went to freeport as a level 1 did a /who all .. to find I was one of two people in freeport . At the very least I expected a few players to be on .. but the majority had spoken with their actions..by not being there.
    I do think , once again that the battleground frame work would still work but to make it work the rule set would need to put the rewards for play squarely on the game being played and its outcome not on the number of player kills .
  16. Frostfang Member

    You're right, the numbers do not lie but I still do not agree with your argument as I think you are making the wrong conclusion from this. The developers held the power in how the servers will function and players had little say in how things would work. The fate of the recent pvp servers were not in our hands, again as our playstyles were not changed by our own will, but how the developers shaped the servers, we merely adapted. While i'm sure that the last two servers' populations were negatively effected by the FFA setup, ultimately it was a lack of care to the servers as a whole on the developers part. Same goes for Deathtoll. Old Nagafen had a sustainable population for years and for you to argue that pvp happening on a pvp server is a bad thing just doesn't make sense to me. "spawn camping" and "trolling" have always been a thing. If longtime eq2 pvpers were as fragile as you make them out to be, we wouldn't even be talking here right now. Why do you think each pvp server had a population to begin with? It's practically the same group of people coming back every time.

    Regarding Battlegrounds, Darkpaw would just run into numerous gameplay-based problems that they run into every single pvp server. I think it's a waste of time. It wouldn't bring in a lot of new subscribers like a new server would and they need to fix PVE TLE first anyway.
  17. WhiteHulk New Member

    IMO battlegrounds and war fields ruined pvp if they just make pvp in starter zones and other towns with a 3 level pvp difference max until level 30-40 pvp zones where they would bump it up 5-8 levels then 60+ 10 level pvp difference it would work again tbh if they would just give me the whole coding and made me sign a NDA to not share the code with anyone id boot up a pvp server. and run it and play it.
  18. Seth Active Member

    Or they just dont do it :D
  19. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    From Discord

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  20. Siren Well-Known Member

    Yay! Thanks, Ishtara! Due to current real-life constraints, I haven't been around here much lately. This was very uplifting. Wouldn't it be great if they launched it during this "hunker down at home" era of our lives?
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