What should a necro aim for?

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    I've been reading up on necro's and how to parse better lately, I finally am parsing 1.5mil most fights in a heroic setting.
    That being said, what stats should I aim for? I am currently running a full set of potent max health armor. Not sure if I should go for ability mod full on. My ability mod is at 23,000. Should I go higher?
    Also may I please have someone share their aa setup? I'm pretty sure I have it right, tho.
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    Potent armor with potency but not with max hp is better. Ability mod doesn't need to be higher than 16-20k depending on your potency.

    Potency/CB/DC/Int you all want as high as possible. Stamina is an ok stat too, Max Health% affects Lifeburn but not Soulburn. I don't value it higher than the bonus stats from regular dps gear. Other than that, you want buffed stats to be at or near:

    600 crit chance (650 if raiding)
    200% cast speed
    100% reuse speed
    (Recovery speed doesn't matter)
    16-20k ability mod
    600 dps mod
    200 ma
    200 haste
    ~50+ ae auto

    The 5 purples you'd use ideally are Truespirit's Legacy, Winds of Obol, Bolstered Attributes, Screams of Battle, and either Bolstered Endurance, Harrowed Madness, or Sublime Viciousness.
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    yea, I noticed that max hp gear isn't really the way to go on a necro, the max hp doesn't effect your pet anyway.
    so all you are really doing is boosting your lifeburn, very slightly.

    I am no expert but the AA set up I am looking at on my necro alt is like this.


    of course it would be slightly different if you always have a troub for UT
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    Buffrat, that depends on the fight and the necro. You obviously can’t maintain rot flesh on more than one mob at a time, so on AOE it’s generally not the case. However, even in single target fights it’s not always the case either, although it can be with the correct conditions. So yes, you could switch specs out for single target and AOE (and if you‘re talking about maximizing RW DPS, then I would imagine just about every class could spec/gear differently for each fight), but it is annoying to switch specs, recast all your buffs and resummon pet (twice with dimensional storage) and it would get rid of other things like scroll buffs. And even in the cases where it can be better, you would be lucky to get an extra 200k RW DPS (although that wouldn't be a very good necro in such a case).

    The 1/12 extra crit bonus probably gives around 5% extra personal DPS, while the extra 6 seconds of 5% magic-type damage to the mob gives around 1% more RW damage (rot flesh up every 30 seconds, so extra 6/30 = 1/5 of the time). And depending on the raid, this value is decreased for more non-magic damage (slashing, crushing, etc.). At least using my raid force, about 70% or so is magic-type damage, so that results in about 0.7% extra RW DPS. So, basically, the damage of the necro has to be at a certain % of the total RW DPS (although that total does not include the necro’s DPS) in order for one to be better than the other.

    Thus, 5% extra necro DPS multiplied by their fraction of total RW DPS is compared to 0.7% extra RW DPS (without the necro’s personal DPS). Assume the fraction of necro DPS is x:

    5*x% = 0.7*(100% - x%)
    x = 12%

    So, if the necro does more than 12% of the total RW DPS, then going for more personal DPS is better. If they do less than that, then it is better to go for more RW DPS. However, even this isn’t really true. If a raid does 50 million DPS, this does not mean they are doing 50 million damage over any given second of the fight. It is an average, which likely consists of spike damage and then lower damage, especially considering pretty much every class has big hitting abilities with a bunch of filler abilities. So more realistically, there are probably going to be times where the raid is doing 70 million, and then others where it is only doing 30 million. And I know at least for me, I cast all my big spells while rot flesh is active, so an extra 6 seconds would barely even do anything anyway. Furthermore, since we’re talking about extra spell damage, chances are mages are going to be casting their big spells during Time Warp (or other times where the raid is supposed to be burning hard), and I generally try to cast rot flesh as soon as it becomes active, which means with the 5 second duration of TW where mages are hitting their big spells, the normal 6 second duration of rot flesh would be enough to capture the spike damage. Thus, the extra 6 seconds would probably capture filler spells anyway, and so the extra RW DPS would probably be much lower than that calculation.

    For a comparison, let’s say the RW DPS without the necro is 50 million, then 0.7% of that would be 350k extra DPS (thus assuming no spike/low damage). If the raid is doing 50 million, the necro as a DPS class should be doing pretty well (especially since necros are one of the best on single target), but let’s assume they’re only doing 3 million DPS. 5% of that would be 150k DPS. Thus, the raid would be gaining 200k (350k - 150k) DPS if the necro took the extra 6 seconds. And 200k/53 million = 0.38% more total RW DPS. So even in a relatively good scenario for that build (and not a very good necro considering 50 million means the average DPS of the other 23 is 2.2 million), it’s not exactly amazing and worth switching specs for.
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    considering Rot Flesh is only magical stuff, I don't think it's really worth it over personal dps gain.
    unless you just run like 3 mage groups or something. /shrugs
    plus not even the endlines, I would rather have a small chance to be able to recast lifeburn than I would to recast my self rez.