What is the benefit of using the Overseer thing?

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  1. fep906 New Member

    I've checked it out and did a few "missions", but I don't see anything that's a reward of some type, What's it all about? The same thing with the whole familiar thing. How does that help using the little buggers..lol?
  2. Nunja Well-Known Member

    Mostly to get potions. They can give you spell research reduction, mercenary reduction, familiar xp, and mount ones as well as mount barding unlockers(which most of us have 100's).
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    The RNG nature is 97% outdated gear (which wasn't even useful at the time the content was current) and the rest is obtaining reducer potions for mercenaries, mounts, familiars, and spell research.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Look at your Overseer window. Note that over on the right are some boxes or chests. Right click one of these and Examine and you can see a list of the potential rewards.


    Do Overseer missions, including all the old Charged Missions possible, every single day to get training potions for not just mounts, but also mercs, familiars, and spell research. "Purchase" them for free from Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem in either Qeynos or Freeport (click link to get exact locs). You may use a maximum of 10 Charged Overseer Quests at a time, and 10 charges per. As Nunja said, the main reason to do these is to get the training potion to help level your own spells, yoiur familiars, mounts, and mercenaries.

    Also, be sure to visit Arabella F'arquharson in either Qeynos or Freeport and purchase the daily Overseer Heritage Crate mission (a one time purchase of 0c). That one gives you a piece of appearance gear, some status bricks you can sell to a vendor to get status, barding slot unlockers for your mount, etc.
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  5. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    Additionally, I recommend that you choose which of your characters are going to be the primary characters to be doing the OS quests from. If you are sub'd, it is possible to need multiple characters in order to maximize the best traits from agents in order to get the highest possible bonus chance for the bonus crates where the best reducers are located. If you set up a macro to loop through the characters in a designated priority order, you can place all the heirloom agents in shared bank and then cycle through the loop to ensure you add new agents to the main characters first.
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  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    That seems like a ton of work. I have a bunch f alts. Four of them run overseer missions. I dump any overseer agents with traits that I don't need on that character into to the shared bank. The other three pick them up as needed. When I get a bunch backed up in there (maybe once a month?), I just log each of my other alts in alphabetical order and pick up any agents they can use.
  7. Tyrval Active Member

    One thing that's more relevant just to RoR are the cb/cbo ring/ranged temp adorns, the puissance ones. Since normal temp adorns can't go in ring/ranged for cbo, it's another few hundred cb that you normally can't have. I do all season 3 charged missions because of it, just for the 65cb weaker ones as padding. Pretty much mass delete everything else but they are helpful.
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  8. Sweety D Active Member

    I wish there was a DELETE ALL option. I find myself deleting stuff manually, everyday, for every character. Such a hassle.
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  9. Tiberia Member

    For me the most relevant use of the Overseer is to get more overseers to convert and spend on the stuff I actually need.
  10. gambitak Active Member

    As a player that has not reached 100, let alone 110 or 120, I am constantly deleting. I do NOT need those stupid potions that now sell for silver pieces; I do NOT need any crafting stuff, as I do not, and most likely will never, craft; the only reason I do these things is that I've nothing else to do, really. I log in, do my Overseer quests, hope I get something that I won't delete (which is not often), check my sales on vendor and log.

    I really, REALLY want a "Delete All" option or "Do not accept and delete" at the very least
  11. Tyrval Active Member

    Depot boxes have a deposit all option, if you have the Harvest Depot, or the Poison, Potion & Totem Depot or the Scroll Depot you can mass deposit all crafting stuff, potions, links, recipe books etc. A lot are heirloom and will need to be destroyed but I always do overseers in a house or guildhall next to boxes for simplicity.
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  12. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    It'd be nice to have the option to straight-up refuse overseer rewards. The crafting components sell for nothing and I'm getting a little tired of the five or so daily Doomhildas. The whole system is so much tedious busywork for a small chance to nab some, admittedly, awesome rewards. And a much greater chance for rewards, which aren't just worthless, but a bit inconvenient to deal with.
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have a potion depot in our GH where I dump the stuff that will go in there. Recipe books can be dumped into the spell/recipe depot. Then I sell any recipe books that wouldn't go in the depot (HEIRLOOM) and finally delete the ones that won't sell (HEIRLOOM NO-VALUE). Harvests go in the harvest box. Then I delete all the many repeats of mercenaries, all the accuracy temp adorns (who uses these?), any other temp adorns I don't want.

    I spend probably a half hour every day doing this on four toons. Four, because that's how many I use to run all the daily Overseer Missions. I'm trying to get 3 more Abner Tinkerton and Raincaller, and 4 each of Skyking Molad, Vanquisher B'Riareos, and Elka L'Pois. That means I need season 3 green missions and Season 4 green, pink, and yellow missions. /sigh
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  14. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    I have nothing but admiration and respect for all the hard work that you do for this community and I'm saying this with all the love in the world, but I am never going to achieve a level of OCD where I could operate anywhere near that level of efficiency.

    I appreciate that Overseer missions can grant us access to essential unlockers and time savers, reducing pressure to take shortcuts via DBC. But boy would I love to log on to Everquest in order to, oh, I dunno, play Everquest? Overseer isn't content, it isn't fun, it barely offers anything that could be considered gameplay mechanics. And it's a terrible idea to ignore this part of the game, because the best rewards, however rare they may be depending on RNG, are too good to pass up.
    I'm happy for everyone who enjoys this. Bone-dry, shallow micromanagement with mostly uninteresting rewards was just never the kind of thing I felt had always been missing from my personal EQ2 experience. It just feels like a thing that is quicker and easier to create, implement, expand and pad out than actual quests, missions, stuff that requires art, writing, anything that goes beyond some tables and timers. To me, it's a sign of the game's deterioration. I'm sorry for being frustrated and cynical. Just a general ramble, not directed at anyone in particular.
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  15. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I had to laugh at this. You see what the potential rewards are but rarely get anything but the same outdated armor that is just for transmuting, and potions that are a basically the same as you got earlier just by another name which fill up your potion depot or sell to vender because it isn't worth listing on the broker. ONCE in awhile you get a reducer. It is part of the RNG game DB plays with us.
  16. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    There is a way to stop getting those mercs as rewards but still get other rewards. Just keep one token of each merc you are tired of getting in your shared bank.
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  17. Feara Well-Known Member

    For me there have not been very many benefits because I’m always forgetting to do the Overseer thing.
    I remember after I log out or only accomplish it once during gameplay.
    Why didn’t they offer this outside the game via mobile app?
    Maybe then I could getter done.
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  18. Yenk Active Member

    The most important drops are Merc-, Mount-, Familiar- and Spell-boosters. If you complet the 10 Overseer missions and the daily mission every day and also often complet the 10 charged Overseer missions, you will never have problems with merc-, mount- and familar-leveling again.
    The Bonus chest also drops 10 mio plat stuff for the broker. For exemple the old (but best) Bloodbound Painlinks. Also drops expensive green Potions for 1 mio plat for the broker. And also drops the good Healer mercenary named Molor.
    The update to current stuff (rare raws, items, potions, mercs and others) will be in the summer GU (as in the year before).
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  19. Yenk Active Member

    That's right. Instead of Mercs you will get rare raws. But unfortunally old rare raws until summer GU.
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  20. DidraDamagi New Member

    Must lvl 120, a member and overseer lvl 10 to buy it, good info otherwise