What Diety for good warlock?

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-thedeegler49, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-thedeegler49 Guest

    Who do i choose if i am good??
  2. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    I'd think Solusek Ro, but I'm told Quellious is actually decent too.
    Or you could betray and go with Bertoxxulous like any self-respecting Warlock really should ;)
  3. ARCHIVED-valkry Guest

    Jonna@Befallen wrote:
    However if you neutrality is the 49/51 evil/good type, you can always betray back to Qeynos, etc after pledging your soul to the plaugebringer.
  4. ARCHIVED-Soefje Guest

    I did Quellious first, got the deaggro cloak. Then repented and went with Sol Ro. Ro was hard, b/c it took a good group to get the final mobs at lvl 70. Not sure if the mobs scale, so might be easier now. Besides Lavastorm and Temple are pain in the butt in my opinion. To be honest, I rarely use the diety spells. Mainly forget they are there. But, there are some good ones with Ro.

    I have seriously considered betraying and switching to Bertoxxulous, but too lazy to do that. May try it after the next expansion and I have done everything and get bored.
  5. ARCHIVED-Earar Guest

    for me if you're evil, bertox is better than sol ro for some of the miracles.
    the pet gives the sqme bonuses and cloaks are not that great now the cap is 80
  6. ARCHIVED-LightCC Guest

    Jonna@Befallen wrote:
    Bert easily has better blessing/miracle for warlock than Sol Ro. The #1 (cheapest) blessing is 12.5% base damage increase for 10 mins. The 4th miracle is a 50% base dmg mod increase for 1 min.

    The Sol Ro blessing that procs damage for 10 mins isn't bad, but none of the miracles are really worthwhile for a warlock. Maybe if Encase was heat based so the 'massive damage' miracle would work.

    What blessings/miracles does Quellious have that work well for a good warlock?
  7. ARCHIVED-The-Plethora Guest

    I stuck with sol ro after switching from wizard. Ro's flames still procs well. As for miracles your main choices are incinerate a 20K+ nuke which in ROK is not really that exciting or sun sphere which I have chosen which summons a pet that aoe's for 30s or 60s (cant remember) for about 2K a tick, good for those big aoe fights but yeah I cant think of anything else for the Q side.

    If it doesn't heal, give power or do huge damage in ROK its effect is negligable at best.
  8. ARCHIVED-The-Plethora Guest

    I have changed my mind on sol ro. I used the incinerate miracle on a raid mob

    The description reads
    *Inflics 22506 heat damage on target
    *Must have completed the quest "Ritual of the Flame's purification"
    *If under 50% health

    My hit was for 55314 so more than reasonable and only a few K short of my all time best wrath of the burning prince when playing wizard of 58938.
  9. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    If your evil, bertox will result in tons more damage then Sol Ro ever could. I even gave up a fabled Sol Ro alter off Mayong to switch.

    I don't regret it one bit either.
  10. ARCHIVED-Quicheng Guest

    I went with Bertox on my lock simply because the pet looks cooler lol....Really! ....er no
  11. ARCHIVED-Giggittygiggity Guest

    I went with The Tribunal for the stun proc cloak.
  12. ARCHIVED-Snapdragyn Guest

    Couple of questions on the idea of betraying for Bertox:
    Do you lose everything down to App1 if you stay the same class when you betray?
    Going back to good doesn't deny you access to an evil deity you've already accepted? Confirmed?

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