What are the best arrows?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    I'm ashamed to say I really haven't. even at this late date, 'figured out' arrows. How exactly does increasing % chance to hit work? If it says +123.452 points of crushing damage, do I get that even if I don't do any crushing damage at all? And what is a 'bodkin' anyway?
    At this point I solo a bit, group occasionally, and raid occasionally, but I'd probably buy my arrows for raiding and high-end (e.g. yellow) grouping purposes and let the rest sort itself out.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kainsei Guest

    I heard "field point" arrows were the best but I'm not sure... maybe you should ask rangers.
    Be careful, rangers are wierd.
  3. ARCHIVED-duuf Guest

    bodkin - a small sharp-pointed tool for punching holes in leather or fabric

    The type of arrow will determine your ranged damage including the damage from the bow..
    Field Point = Crushing
    Bodkin = Piercing
    Broad head = Slashing

    So whatever type you use you will get that type of damage from both the arrow and your bows Damage rating..
    The plus to damage is on top of your bow damage..

    As a raiding dirge accuracy is far more important than a small increase in damage.
    Which for me makes it a choice between Field Point and the Bodkin..
    If my crushing and piercing skills were equal I would always choose field point..
    But since my piercing skill is 32 points higher than my crushing..
    I think bodkin may be as good or maybe slightly better... tho I could easily be convinced otherwise
    Cause I don't really know if piercing skill modifies bow attacks or if its only the ranged skill ..

    If the targets are blues and greens then broad head might give a little more damage...
    But with the to hit drawback they just don't make into my quiver

    Har Har
  4. ARCHIVED-Topa Guest

    I would think the ones with the highest accuracy bonus would be best, but I could be wrong. I haven't really looked into them as I have been using the summonable Ichorstrand ammo. As far as I know the best arrows are still the Tender recipe arrows, if you can pry some from your local rangers' grasps or if they are more reasonably priced on other brokers than they are on EF's.
  5. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Topanga@Everfrost wrote:
    'Tender' recipe arrows?
  6. ARCHIVED-duuf Guest

    Tenderwood arrows:
    Crafted from tenders secret recipe volume 5 and trash drops from Emerald Halls.

    Before they were nerfed they were far superior to any arrows in the game..
    Hit bonus 75%, damage bonus 363, range +10

    Now they are :
    Hit bonus 20%, damage bonus 151, range +3
    Also 100% proc of addtl' 19-21 piercing damage

    The stats after nerf are hardly better than regular crafted..

    However they are level 70 arrows vs lvl 60 for regular crafted arrows..

    Supposedly this makes a difference but never been lucky enough to have any to to compare.

    Har Har
  7. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    I personally do not the know the answer to this question.What i found best up until i got the bazkul the soulseeker from tarinax was the bodkin arrows.They seemed to do much better then any of the other arrows damage wise IMO.
  8. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    duuf wrote:
    The reason that the arrows being lvl 70 (game sees them as lvl 67) helps is because the system will prorate the damage of a bow if the arrows are lower level. Most players use arrows that are lvl 57 as that is all that is readily available. If you are using a lvl 70 bow with those arrows, you only do 77% of the damage that bow would do normally.
    If you could find some arrows that were considered lvl 70, but had the same exact stats as the current player crafted, you would see an increase of your auto attack damage by about 30%.

    The only way to get lvl 67 arrows is to have 1 of the 2 arrow summoning bows from KOS, or to use tenderwood arrows.
  9. ARCHIVED-Antryg Mistrose Guest

    Your ranged skill is what gets checked when you use arrows, and that is pretty hard to get skill modifiers for, so as others have said I go for the highest accuracy arrows. For ready (ie cheapskate) availability in T7 thats is crafted adamantine field point arrows.
    Whatever happened to legendary/mastercrafted ? (I vaguely remember seeing them at lower levels).
    Apart from the tenderwood ones (that predators tend to hog), I'm told the Tunare miracle ones are no-zone, and as a result haven't played with them myself so don't know what the stats are, but thats another source of arrows that hasn't been mentioned.
    Ideally I'd like tenderwood arrows (or Bazkul summoned ones), with a crafted (Emerald Halls again) bow. But that ain't going to happen.
    I've heard rumours of a really long range bow, anyone know the truth / drop location ? (wannabe kiter)
  10. ARCHIVED-Kall Guest

    Antryg Mistrose wrote:
    The longest bow in the game is Longarm from DFC (drops off Fyst) which has a range of 4-50m. Kiting with it at 70 would probably be a poor decision.
  11. ARCHIVED-Killque Guest

    Deathfist Arrows are the best.
  12. ARCHIVED-duuf Guest

    Ok lil testing always makes my day so heres some results for any who might care...

    Test subjects- Mistmore castle entrance lvl 72 vamps..
    My pally tanked them with only taunts and heals..
    100 arrows of each kind used
    Ranged skill 378 Bow Star Darkened Long Bow

    Ammo Rangedl Hit Crit Procs
    Type Damage Pct

    Broadhead 124k 58 15 38
    Bodkin 184K 74 27 56
    Fieldpoint 196k 87 27 58

    Makes it pretty clear for this dirgie .. fieldpoint rule
  13. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    duuf wrote:
    Nice work, my dear.
  14. ARCHIVED-littleman17 Guest

    The best arrows in the game go: Tendwood then the ichorstrand/bazkul ammo. But, because arrows play such a big part in ranger dps, these arrows/bows should always go to the ranger first.
    So if you cannot get these, go with the field points as they have the most accuracy which will mean you will hit more.
  15. ARCHIVED-Killque Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Kall Guest

    Killque wrote:
    Level 40 ammo at level 70 is probably the stupidest thing you can do. But by all means, keep bow attacking for only about 50% of your potential damage than with using level 70 ammo.

    Edit - Actually it looks like you're a level locking perma 45 dirge instead of level 70 like I assumed. I bet it sure is fun to leave those training wheels on!
  17. ARCHIVED-Mildavyn Guest

    duuf wrote:
    FYI your piercing/crushing skill has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything in your ranged slot, even though it is technically those damage types. Ranged accuracy is based entirely off your ranged skill and any bonuses you get from the arrows.
    For the record, I use field points.
  18. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Killque wrote:
    Those arrows are t5. So they are crap in any tier but t5. If you use a ranged CA arrow tier does nto matter. However, if you use auto-attack it factors in the quality of the arrow. IF you are using an arrow from a lower tier than what you are fighting you are severly penalized. Thus, using those ty5 arrows in t7 will net you pathetic auto-attack damage. Field points are the way to go because if you miss you get 0 dps.
  19. ARCHIVED-BigChiefJJ Guest

    Field points with the +30% hit modifiers are usually the better choice, even though Bodkins show more damage they only have a +10% hit bonus so that little bit in added damge ~50 or so is useless if you dont hit the mob to begin with.
    For the tenderwood arrows, I would assume that the guild rangers would hold on to as many of those as your guild can get thier hands on and you would have a very minimal chance of getting those.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jeepned2 Guest

    duuf wrote:
    Well dang, after I finish shooting the 2000+ bodkins I have on me, guess it's a time to switch. Thanks for the great info!!

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