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  1. Antz New Member

    Hi, all, returning player trying to catch up on quests. When I played before I got this toon way out of sequence, so that may be my problem. I'm trying to finish quests I started before I went somewhere else and leveled up a bit before coming back to Antonica. I'm now level 25 trying to finish a level 11 quest: Keep of the Ardent Needle.

    Why if it's level 11 quest, do I encounter red-outlined aggressive, heroic, Level 25 Watchman Loxley upon trying to enter the Keep to inspect it. Seems no way to complete this level 11 quest til I'm at least Level 30!

    In fact, why are all the guards/sentries/watchmen are 'angry' level 25 in Antonica, but in nearby Thunderting Steppes they are level 25-30 but NOT the red outlined 'angry', so I can enter everywhere. In Antonica I have to manually ford the river because the bridge guys are this same angry red level 25.

    I read in a solo questing walkthrough that to complete Keep of the Ardent quest I have to talk to Loxley, but he is just in an angry aggressive mood and I can't even 'talk' to him (no talking bubble when I hover).

    Old quest all mixed up now?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Wimble Active Member


    Well assuming this is a sincere question :D. I'm thinking you are an evil aligned character. Loxley, and other guards in Antonica, are aligned to Qeynos (good) and so will be automatically aggro to you. Guards in thundering steppes, iirc, are not aligned to either and so will be non aggro.
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  3. Antz New Member


    Yes, this is sincere, cuz I'm very much still a noobie even though a level 25 elf. I didn't think I was evil aligned when I made my character, but that would totally explain this. I guess I will go back to Thundering Steppes and play.

    Anyway to totally ditch a quest from my Journal?
  4. Redlight Active Member

    If you're in that area explore Stormhold the dungeon zone, that is a fun place to spend a couple of days at that level and one of my favourites.
  5. Finora Well-Known Member

    If you started in Freeport/Gorowyn/Neriak you are evil aligned. If you did any of the betrayal questlines, you may have turned yourself evil.

    I personally wouldn't ditch a quest, but I'm stubborn about my quests. Back in the day we used to get a higher level character to either come kill Loxley or otherwise distract him while the lower level but we only worried about that for the heritage quest updates in that building.
  6. Antz New Member

    Ok, digging further: From my characters 'factions' tab I see Qeynos, Exile, Kelethin, and New Halas are all 'scowls' against me. Freeport, Neriak are both 'indifferent', and Gorowyn is an 'ally'. so I must be 'evil'. That explains the Loxely aggravation! Thanks, didn't remember all that after being away for six years. Now I also understand you asking if my question was 'sincere'. Lol. Live and learn :)

    Thanks! I'll do that. I actually must have wandered there previously, because I have one Stormhold quest started in my Journal.

    Checking further, I see I did start for sure in Freeport, got citizenship there, and did four quests in Gorowyn before I stopped playing (like about 6 years ago). Thanks, your answer helped a lot!

    Good tip! I'll just minimize/hide the Atonica quests for now.

    Thanks You so much, Everyone!!
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  7. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Good luck and remember, since you are returning to the game, the pointy end of your weapons goes into the enemy, not your hand!
  8. Antz New Member

    So it does! :)
  9. Wimble Active Member

    Glad I could help and best wishes enjoying Norrath! there is a LOT to do :)
  10. Anhari Active Member

    If you want to abandon the quest(s) you can delete them from your journal. Click on the quest and in the bottom right there should be a "delete" button. Press that and "poof" the quest is gone. This is also the way that you can "re-start" some quests that you messed up on in the past.

    (YMMV, I use the DarqUI so my journal may be different than yours)
  11. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    It's up to you whether you ditch the quests or not. You can just play them later after they're gray to you. However, not sure if Loxley will have a "book" icon for the quest or not.

    I always forget that starting in Timorous Deep / Gorowyn is "evil" and aligned to Freeport. The counterpart to the Antonica quests are the ones in Commonlands.

    Keep in mind that if it's annoying to walk up to a gray mob and hit them for quests, you can probably start using the Chronomages around level 20. Chrono to 10 or 15 and you can complete old quests with blue/green mobs instead of gray. The simplest Chrono mage location is in Kelethin (take the bell to Greater Faydark), and they're right there.

    Although "good" Kelethin's guards are not aggressive unless you get up to the Royal level.
  12. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    The Dwarven Workboots HQ is in that keep, it's level 25. I don't remember if Loxley can be invis'd passed or not, but he isn't required for a quest, he just guards the keep. See if you can get someone to summon you into the keep with CoH or CoV, or train the guard away so you can enter. I remember training him away for people back in the day, and on TLE as well. The downside to that is it requires other people to actually be out there.
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  13. Momo Active Member

    Yes he can be invised, but the lowest level invis totem requires lvl 30 to use. But you can beg your friendly next-door magical buddy to invis you as well. You will surely want to get started on those boots before 30 ;)
  14. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    If it's a live server and not TLE you can probably just kill him straight up or at the least have a merc tank it while you run in.

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