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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf, Sep 22, 2010.

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    So speaking soley from a raid perspective what do Locks bring to current raid content? In terms of progression our guild is probally at the half way point. So far i havent really seen much for encounter based content. Is there some desireable utility that warrents having a lock in raid vs one of my other higher dps alts (assassin for example)?
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    Don't think warlock as only mass or encounter killer. A well played lock with right casting order and good timing will always be in top 3 on your single target raid parse. Considering he s in mage group. Here is how it happens if we have adds that are not epic my raid stands on named and i burn em in secs so they don't need to switch target. There is also curse of darkness whch gives extra spell damage to grp for 12 secs and doesn't have a huge recast timer.

    Apart from those locks will dominate every encounter fight if it doesn't end before 2 secs. Help the fights end much faster.
    What else do u expect from a pure dps class?
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    Your description of CoD might confuse someone who isn't sure of it. Its an encounter based damage proc (procs on entire encounter, per spell hit). But indeed that is the utility aspect you will hear most of from a Lock.
    I think the fact you flat out said "trade in lock for a higher dps alt, like my assassin" throws up a red flag in itself. Every class excels in their own type of preferred fights but a warlock should be capable of pulling a zonewide just as high or higher than an assassin in the common raid zones like Palace and Labs. A warlock just embarrasses an assassin in the Underfoot Depths as almost every trash mob is a encounter of 4/8/12 sometimes more mobs. Good warlocks hold their own on single targets and spike major on aoe content....and well, its been of my opinion since I started raiding in t7 that every guild needs at least one lock. Nobody makes groups of mobs die like a warlock.
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    Raz_wolf wrote:
    there arn't realy that many aoe fights in SF where warlocks could brake the parse. but even though their arnt many fights a warlock in the right setup/spec could by easily in the top 3 of the parse.
    also they bring skill up's to the raid (disruption, subjugation, ordination, aggression)
    and they also have a group wide AE proc when a spell is cast that triggers once per spell
    troub's and illusionists are a locks best friend :)

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