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    Normally I play a warden but I've been wanting to try out a warlock for soloing. Here is a build that my husband found for me:
    I wanted to get some suggestions on it as well as input on where I should start putting my points. Sometimes I will be playing with my husband (a mentored down conjy) and others just by myself. I was looking through the sticky about warlocktank, but I wasn't sure where to start since it is quite old. Thanks!
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    Warlocks are fun to solo with, after you get used to things.

    For AA on you Walock tab you will want to get points into Enhance Magi's Shielding and in the sorcerer tab in the wisdom tree Ward of Sages.
    These are regenerating wards and will really help survivability when you start getting hit, provided you do the things to stop the hits quick enough. On the Shadows tab youll want to enhance those further in the mage and sorcerer lines.
    I'm not sure what guide you looked at.
    I would highly recommend going to flames and reading Mogrim's School for warlocks, regardless of the drivel you'll hear people here say about the site, the information is there and it is good.
    You will have 2 roots as a warlock, one will do encounters (or single targets) and the other is single target only, and they stack so you can double root tougher solo mobs/named and get 2 chances at having it not break when damage is received by the target. Flames of Velious will deal damage and slow a mob, Encase and Dark Nebula both damage and briefly stun mobs (Dark Nebula is encounter based). These are not good spells for end game because of immunity but overland zones and even in Kael contested roots and stuns are very effective. You can root, nuke, slow, nuke, stun, root again with alternate, nuke, stun etc. Dark Siphoning is also vital for soloing it does damage (DOT based) and heals/restores power (DOT based over time) to you and the group.
    There is no really good cast order for soloing beyond the first 3 you just have to get a feel for it and watch for when roots break.
    At level 55 you get Null Caress, which is a great boost for survivability when soloing, indoors it will often break encounters if things go bad, it is an 'in combat evac' in a way. Outdoors or in an open area with no walls nearby it will teleport mobs away, daze and slow them giving you time to regroup get mobs rooted and killed.
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    Thank you so much for the advice. I'll definitely check out Flames as well!