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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Kloo, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. Kloo Active Member

    <Vode An> (Brothers All, translated from Mandalorian) is a goal oriented guild that has achieved a lot in the time of its existence. The guild is small and every player is valued. Help is offered to all, collections and resources are shared, players are talented (and funny). We have remarkable strategists and crafters of all kinds, there are no troll politics or elitism. If you are tired of strife, neglect or negativity – join our brothers! We will back flag and make sure you got all your vaccinations before travelling to the next adventure. All raid positions open. No minimum requirement to join, simply a desire to raid and see end game content. We are not raiding at this time but are rebuilding the team and gearing up for the next expansion when we plan to start raiding again.
  2. Allouishus New Member

    Hail! I am interested in joining, I played at launch for several years as a Templar on Najena/Unrest and have come back now that life has slowed down with time to enjoy the game again. I chose life as a Coercer this time around and would like to learn this class in a group setting rather than soloing all the time.

  3. Kloo Active Member

    For sure, send a tell to any recruiters you see online and have a chat with them. You can find me as either Kammelle or Kilee if I'm on at the time.