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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Gonzo550, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gonzo550 Guest

    I put 5 AA points in both trees and have it mastered with 54% potency and 72% crit chance and can't get this spell to save my life, literally. it does nothing. When I get hit by a death blow, I simply die. Unyielding Will works but has a sucky recast of 12 minutes plus you have to make sure your berserked or else it kills you again. Can't the zerkers get some love on their death saves?
  2. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    It saves my life every now and then. Quite frequently when soloing. Even saved me on a raid recently, which is rare.
    Course it won't crit anymore soon because apparently crit consolidation was a good idea for everyone BUT Fighters. So good luck to you.
  3. ARCHIVED-TheUnsungBand Guest

    ya I agree this D.I. is almost completely worthless, even with max aa in it... Only saves my life 5% of the time, the rest of the time 1 trigger and instant death because it does not do enough... It will do even less after G.U. 57 so please look at this because whats the point of having a D.I. that can't D.I. You dont see that problem with a sk...
  4. ARCHIVED-Blaidd Guest

    TheUnsungBand wrote:
    Got to love the useless comparison. I agree the ability is broken and needs addressing but you cant compare it with the sk one.
    Beserker deathsave works whether solo or in a group, SK one needs a group to steal the life from. If no group SK dont have a deathsave. There are advantages to each but you cant compare them as they are totally different mechanics.

    The Zerker one needs a bigger initial heal or a short duration stoneskin so the player has time to recover and get some healing. As it is now one hit straight after the deathsave and he/she is dead again.
  5. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    works fine for me *shrug*, always has. we have 2 death saves and this is supposed to be the weaker one, be thankful that the recasts were given a severe overhaul, for us vets it used to be a 30 minute recast... if you're looking towards it as a deathsave for raid situations then i don't know what to say except for you're hitting the wrong buttons.
  6. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    I am actually really suprised at how often this does save me on a raid. I actually use this more than UW now. Have this up 100% of the time in SF as opposed to TSO when I never used either of them. It's going to be interesting to see how the nerf to heals going to affect this now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gonzo550 Guest

    now that VoM is not criting, you really think it's gonna save your life in a raid situation? I've already died using it once today. On any given raid before the nerf, it saved me I'd say once in 10 times. Unyielding will is nice but it's got a 12 minute recast and 3 minute window. Neither death save is where it should be.

  8. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Ask them if they give a rip. The same thing was said a million times before SF and crits, and another million while this was on Test. They made their changes ONCE on Test and didn't tweak a thing for any classes. You get what they give you.
    Best you can hope for is an upgrade to UW, because that would help their up and coming FOTM class as well.
  9. ARCHIVED-LordSaul Guest

    works just fine for me in raid. It's not perfect....but is is good. try combining with unyielding will and wall of force, but honestly, this triggers many times for me in a raid, and I only notice it went off when it it must be doing it's job....
  10. ARCHIVED-aias Guest

    Lygerr@Mistmoore wrote:
    Rather the healer is hitting the wrong buttons. It basically gives your healers a second chance to save you from death. And if they're not on the ball, you're dead for good.

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