Vex Thal on HoF

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Naughty, May 26, 2018.

  1. Naughty New Member

    Vex Thal (HoF) Sun, Thur, Fri 8-11est
    Looking for solid, dedicated players to fill our raid ranks!
    Currently we have opened recruitment to all classes for new xpac!
    Casuals, Crafters New and Returning Players all welcome!
    Great Guild and Great People! Send tell to any of us, Thank
    you for considering us for your future home!
    Naughtywizard aKa Cheeech, Tannk
  2. Naughty New Member

  3. Naughty New Member

    Still looking!
  4. Naughty New Member

  5. Naughty New Member

    Edit and bazump!
  6. Ghostouls Member

    Any Pref on Mystic or Defiler?
  7. Naughty New Member

    At this time either would be great

    Sorry for late reply, good luck on your search..

    Send me tell in game if you are still interested.
  8. Naughty New Member

    We have opened recruitment for new xpac, send in game mail or tell to Naughtywizard or an officer of Vex Thal

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