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  1. Bentenn Active Member

    Can we incorporate something into VEX 2, something as simple as an already designed characteristic of the game. Can we add a whistle drop from each name in vex 2 that way when you come back you can use to clear the island of trash. Make it interesting though and make the whistles randomly drop off each name for other islands. Example, the jailor named drops the high priestess island whistle and so forth. Would keep it interesting, as right now people are bored out of their brains for 15-20 mins of killing trash, to which there are no drops. You could also add trash drops, because well the challenge den has it off trash. Why had this game incorporated so much better gear off solo and heroic stuff. Gninja, you really need to talk to caith about making YOUR hard work worthwhile. It’s really not when I already have better gear from infusable PQ items and then drops from DEN challenge. Why would we even want to raid anymore since all the items on the table end up going to IOR lol. Even weapon patterns are being taken there, because they are no longer needed as guilds have maxxed their raid toons to kill trash in vex 2.

    Can we add some incentive please. Just a few items that makes it all worthwhile as many people are just bleh with it. Your encounters are great Gninja, especially the high priestess in its current state, but the loots that have been put in your zones, makes the zones bleh. Hopefully you can talk and get some stuff added.
  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Raid drops in some locations are, and have been, completely illogical. For example, go to Shadow Hold and you virtually see nothing but leather monk gear and plate. Period. It's mindboggling with the regularity of it. Someone with some skills, intelligence and a grasp of the "big picture" would do well to go through what's dropping and where and make some adjustments. I know many players who are so fed up with it, they're about to grab a dull pencil and stab themselves repeatedly in the eye rather than go through some of these zones anymore. That's essentially one of the reasons this game is a virtual ghost town and I don't expect it to get better any time soon.
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  3. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Or remove that co-op strike from trash!. We can then round them up and destroy them fast. Nothing but a deliberate slowing down.
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  4. Arclite Well-Known Member

    the loot is laughable is in this zone. Killed the High Priest last night and all loot went to alts and recipe books no one wanted.

    The effort required to get to this zone and kill nameds in it (weapon requirements, the nonsensical trash amount) is monumental compared to what you are tossing out as freebies with cabal currency.

    The vex challenge zone is equally badly itemised where the items are far superior to anything we have seen coming from raids. Yes that's right, the end game raid zone is being out done by a challenge heroic zone.

    I just don't get that no one questions this level of stupidity during your Monday morning catch-ups....if you even have those.

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