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Discussion in 'Quests and Live Events' started by ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    The reward for finishing the overarching collection in Velious is less than desirable. It's absolutely vanilla and unlike all previous overarching rewards, it isn't unique. Something needs to be changed to make these charms worth getting.
    Also, add blue shinies to Velious. I have absolutely no idea why these were removed. Not only did people like them, but they gave even more value to the overarching collection reward.
    Please look into this.
  2. ARCHIVED-Elomort Guest

    Gaealiege@Butcherblock wrote:
    There are blue shinies. Just that everyone is able to see them rather than needing to be unlocked.
    One on top of the spires, one on top of the ToFS, one on top of the ice spire near the portal between Nipiks/Fina, one on top of the last spire of rock outside Ry'Gorr, One up near the griffons above Ry'Gorr, one one the ice spire towards the gnolls. One on the rocks behind the Othmir Quartermaster... and so on.
    The blue shinies are there and all on top of things.
  3. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    the shinies in velious are all diffrent colord to make them easyer to see, is no special sets.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    Aye, the blue shinies I'm referring to are hidden unless you place on a particular item. I see no reason why they weren't in SF and now are not in DoV.
  5. ARCHIVED-Elomort Guest

    shadowscale wrote:
    There is a brown set that appears on the ground and a blue set that appears on top of items. No matter if on stone, dirt, grass or snow the colour is the same the height being the difference.
    Means people need to know to fly up and sit on the top of the spires to catch that blue shiny.

    I agree by the way, these should be hidden and require special items from the other brown ground spawns to see.
  6. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    The dark blue shinies are a different kind of special collection and I think it's unique. It requires that either thru questing to unlock the ability or thru buying on the marketplace you must have a flying mount to get to them. So you DO need a special item on to get these shinies, in a way. I am indeed sad that Odus doesn't have a special collection like that, I do like to hunt my shinies and the special collections are definitely neat.
    Edit: OP, you are making me darn curious now as to what exactly that final reward is but don't tell me...I'll get it eventually, I have to know now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    It's an absolutely horrendous charm reward that is not unique in any way.
    There are no special shinies that I'm aware of in Velious. There most certainly aren't blue shinies along the lines of TSO, Kunark, Faydwer.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    I'm confused why there isn't any response to this from a dev. There are copious quantities of people that love shinies. Most of those players loved blue shinies.
    What is the reason behind not putting them into SF and DoV? (Also why is the DoV reward absolutely horrendous and not unique?)
  9. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    There's no blue shiny collections in SF and DoV because it's a design decision. The expert collections and Ethernaut Relic collections themselves caused a lot of grief in Faydwer, Kunark, Runnyeye, and Shadow Odyssey, and they don't want to go down that route again.
  10. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    What grief was caused by blue shinies? Are you referring to casual players not being able to obtain them? If so, I can guarantee you they won't have access to the Tower of Tactics or Strategist's Stronghold shinies either.
  11. ARCHIVED-Felshades Guest

    Gaealiege@Butcherblock wrote:
    The fact that the reward items were highly desirable if not required for some classes(mark of anexfen or however the hell you spell it, for example) and not attainable by people that had no desire to pay 10p per shiny if luck hated on them.
    Not to mention you could roll on the shinies in instances(the blue shinies in RE2 for example) if you did not have the goggles to see them, so the sole person in the group that did get the goggles would get shafted out of their reward shinies because others could roll.
  12. ARCHIVED-Gaealiegen Guest

    Seems like a response isn't needed, but I'll go ahead and give one.
    Get your own goggles then. To assume someone that DID spend the platinum to buy them would go ahead and pick up shinies for others to win is assinine. Using the logic that they should pick them up for you is the same as saying they should just go ahead and hand you all shinies. Look at all the grief rolling causes. Each shiny node should just give that exact shiny to everyone!
    The rewards should be highly desirable. I'm not even certain I can follow the logic of making the reward undesirable. Why would an individual take countless hours and copious quantites of platinum to obtain many shinies, just to be given a terrible reward? In fact that's what this post is about. The reward is horrendous in comparison to what you have to do in order to get it.
    Edit: I wanted to point out again. Using the "not available to the non-paying crowd" argument doesn't work here. That same crowd will never see the Strategist's Stronghold and Tower of Tactics shinies either. I guess they should remove those as well.

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