Velious Combat Mitigation

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  1. Repents New Member

    Combat mitigation in the Velious heroics is way too high. There has been a lot of chatter on the official discord about this, but nothing here so I'm posting for visibility. Stats like the following on trash is unacceptable and frankly disrespectful of the player base's limited time.


    It seems like every single mob has the buff package that raids do? Heroic groups can debuff maybe 30-40 combat mit reliably.
  2. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Agree here. We've been doing 'ok' on the first heroics, but haven't gotten to Kael yet. They seem off.
  3. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Make this go away.
  4. oakmiser Active Member

    Here are the 4 major concerns I THINK people on TLE may have:

    1. Combat mit [from a group of people wearing 90% DoV gear]
    -TOFS on quest named it should be removed or taken down by 75%. The rest seems fine, normal named don't have huge HP modifiers apparently so when they got increased they are mostly okay maybe tone down the AE from Despair, Misery, Depression [Umbal Halls] by 25% so it's horrible if not cured but doesn't one shot people.
    -Kael contested seemed fine.
    -Kael instances seemed mostly good, maybe tone down the AE from the first named in Throne of Storms as it's a clear punishing one shot.
    -All 3 rime zones and Crystal Caverns seemed just fine.

    -Easy mode raids, at least the one raid and one named we've done was alright after we got the strat down but we all now just had a huge drop in all our armor's level

    2. We wish the original rewards for these quests were restored. If you are concerned of people who have already completed then flag them as no-value and slap them on a merchant for us to buy for plat with the requirement of the quest completion to purchase. These items got hit with some great stat packages and while the weapons don't have double yellow and white slots they do have great stats. The charms are excellent even if I wish the fighter one was defensive. - Freeing The Dain - Casting A Long Shadow

    3. Tier 2 gear nerf was way too harsh, considering how it's obtained. I can see the thought process behind tier 1 however.

    4. We wish we had access to this adornment set, unless it wasnt just removed from the game totally and added to bosses like the PQ war runes. the divide/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/adornment/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1 - It used to exsist for all classes, so it it was made general instead of just brawler like this link then it would be awesome.
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    I almost never even look at the forums, let alone post on them. but after running a single dungeon I had to say something. the sheer tanky-ness of the mobs is absurd. longer fight does not equal better fight. good lord a single dungeon takes like an hour. I may stick around a few more days to see if they fix this, otherwise i am legitimately going to opt to unsub for dov entirely for this reason. sitting and watching the health of trash mobs gradually drain for hours on end is not fun.
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  6. Jalathan Member

    This seems to be the theory of the game on live as well... Make the content last longer to account for the fact that there isn't as much of it...
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