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    <Consequence> Varsoon CST Raiding Guild
    Looking for serious minded individuals to fill our roster for Kingdom of Sky.
    Our focus is competitive raiding and clearing raids as fast and efficient as possible. DKP Looting System - You show up to raid you get DKP to bid on loot. We plan on offering plat splits, off-night raiding, daily hunter runs, consumables, discounted raid gear and trades.

    Raid Times : Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 10pm - 1am CST (11pm - 2am EST; 8pm - 11pm PST) -

    Open Recruitment
    Mage DPS : Closed

    Competitive Roster - If your class isnt shown, please still reach out.
    Are you not a raider and looking for a home in Kingdom of Sky? In a guild but looking for a home for the alt?Come join us! We offer a stocked Guild House with Consumables, Collections, Rares, and more!We also plan on having a stocked guild bank where you can purchase raid looted gear at a high discounted price.Casual Friendly!
    Join the discord, or contact me directly.
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    Recruiting Chain/Plate Healers, Scout DPS, and Utility.
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    Currently on Skyfire but willing to transfer to right situation. Guard/Swash mains. Have tons of raid MT OT experience. Have tons of raid lead experience. I just downloaded and went all access today so I obviously have some work to get raid ready but will get there fast. Let me know if you have room. Thanks.

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