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    Vanguard, a raid guild on the Thurgadin server, is recruiting socials and a few experienced raiders. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 UK time. Classes most needed at this time are shaman, fury, brigand, enchanter, bard, and DPS classes, but all classes will be considered. We just need a few more players to round out our roster as we continue our progress in tier 4 fights.

    Although our style is casual, and we have a relaxed approach to raiding, we are still focused on progression. We use a DKP system for raid loot items. Mumble is used for voice communications; Raidhub is used both for tracking DKP and communicating macro commands. A working knowledge of English is essential for all raiders. We expect raiders to be able to play their class, but are willing to help those new to raiding.Vanguard is currently a level 160 guild, with a tier 3 fully equipped guild hall with all the crafting and transportation facilities you could desire.

    We do have an active base of casual and social players who are welcome to fill in on our raids on a space available basis, but raid slots are not guaranteed for social members. Social members are eligible for DKP, and are always welcome to join the full-time raid force.

    To get in contact with us, please send Kanvan, Kloppe, or any officer online a tell.
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    Bumped with revised needs
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    Bump - looking for a few experienced raiders for the expansion.
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