Update Notes: Tuesday November 22, 2016

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    Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [All Versions]
    • You should no longer be able to kill the Spirit Flames in the Tzirathk encounter.

    Kaesora: Tomb of the Venerated [Advanced Solo]
    • Icicle Storm no longer reduces potency.

    Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair [Raid]
    • Ambushing imps should now retreat when their master is defeated.

    Crypt of Dalnir: Wizard's Den [Advanced Solo]
    • Goo Bomb's damage has been reduced and it no longer stifles mercenaries.

    • The Shard of Hate, Veskar: The Invasion, and Runnyeye: The Gathering are now available on Stormhold.

    City of Mist Waterfront Estate moat may no longer be raised or lowered by anyone but the house owner.

    Pact of the Cheetah now reduces the correct amount of damage.

    • Ascendent Fist of Vylardin will now proc the correct version of Curuvar'Renda.
    • The Essential Kunark Guide is no longer stack lore.
    • Ancient stone fragments will now grant status to guilds up to level 200.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Noxious Rendings damage effect from affecting encounter targets.
    • Corrected the name on status trinkets dropped in Kunark Ascending zones.
    • Thalumbral Mitts no longer overwrite your chest appearance.
    • Fixed an issue where previous adornments were not returned if adorning an equipped item.
    • Shard of Hate, Runnyeye: The Gathering, Veksar: The Invasion: Updated item stats to ensure smooth item progression for players completing these zones at the intended level.

    • The Primordial Malice throughout Norrath have been called back by Lanys T'Vyl, and so Search and Destroy has run its course.
    • Venril Sathir's forces in Kylong Plains and Jarsath Wastes have been redirected, leaving the Crusaders of Greenmist to focus their efforts elsewhere, and so The Crusade is no longer ongoing.
    • Shade of the First Brood is once again active in Fens of Nathsar and will properly reward everyone who participates in bringing down Jaled Dar's Shade.

    • A Goblin Nightmare - All goblins, including the 10th, can now be rescued, and none will be stuck under rocks.
    • Littered Along the Pass - The sentimental artifacts render from a further distance.
    • Dying to Have You – Players continuing to search for Ghawg will now be provided a clue within the Church of Kly.
    • Obulus Opus - Globulus has been moved closer to water.
    • Geobotany - Vrassath saboteurs will no longer continue attacking you if you defeated enough of them to advance to the next part of the quest.

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