Update Notes: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (both versions)
    Shyneera will no longer become unkillable.

    Using escape in Oakmyst now places the player at theOakmystForestdock.

    Mort Gimblesquee, an ammunition merchant, has set up shop in Gnomeland Security in theSteamfontMountains.

    Eidolon Jungle
    The following mobs should now drop their treasure loot again once they are defeated:
    • Theethox
    • Aklon the Ethersplicer
    • The Abominable Shimmeroot
    Plains of Obol
    The following mobs should drop their treasure loot again:
    • Tirunos the Soulmonger
    • Glomer the Surveyor
    • Leukos the Despoiler
    Mercenaries should no longer be as dominant in PVP.

    Click-to-cure should now work for trauma, noxious, and elemental for Mage spell Cure Magic.
    Fixed a bug where low level pet buffs such as Antagonize would apply at the level of the pet instead of the level of the spell.
    Pet Auto-Assist in Pet Options should now work properly.

    Exacting Venom's damage should properly stack when applied from multiple players.
    Blinding Dust's base damage in PVP combat has been reduced by 33%.

    Rebirth no longer costs power. You should now be cast it if you die with very low power.

    Manashield now decreases the lethality of the caster by 125 to 4375 based on the caster's level.

    Items that cannot be experimented on will show NOT-EXPERIMENTABLE when you examine them. NOTE: This will not show on the tooltip, just on the examine.
    Fitzpitzle's Ethereal Hover Platform can now be turned into a house item and back into a mount.

    Salton the Undying will now properly become attackable when approached.
    Breaking Bones – The Barrier of Bones should fall much easier now.
    When on A Salty Farewell,Osh(by the shore) will now speak to you if you are on the first part of Merrik'sMission.
    Find Pythus the Rogue - Elma Lowe at the Jade Tiger Den now advances the quest.
    On the quest On Edge, you will now properly receive quest credit even if an othmir defender strikes the killing blow on the assaulting ulthork.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.