Update Notes: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Phantom Sea
    T'Kaela should no longer have an incorrect Rum Cellar requirement.

    F.S. Distillery: The Rum Cellar [Solo]
    At no time will death result in being stuck in the storeroom.
    The damage inflicted by Aerial Attack has been slightly increased.

    F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed [Heroic]
    The cannon used against The Red Corsair will no longer be stuck in operation by another member of your party when it shouldn't be.
    Charanda will no longer be stuck immune in either the normal or challenge mode encounters.
    Brokenskull Rum Party - No more than 20 Brokenskull pirate zipliners should spawn when the mission starts, and they should all remain on the Rum Run should they not be added to anyone's hate list when they land.
    Pets or mercs can no longer be targeted by Portia Rumuffin.

    F.S. Distillery: Stowaways [All Versions]
    The placed shipping crates during the encounter with Zaxfalump and Fwump no longer have collision.

    Poison Mastery should no longer be overwritten occasionally.

    Corrected an issue that was preventing Noxious Grasp from teleporting its target.

    Ooze Crawler and Hydromancer pets will now display in the pet pane of the character window.
    Reduced the radius of elemental toxicity to 10 meters so that it can be more effectively targeted.
    Elemental toxicity is now maintained, and thus can be clicked off early.
    Elemental Toxicity is now much harder to resist

    Dissolve V recipe is now correctly located within Mage Grandmaster Recipes Volume III.
    Adorning and Tinkering daily tasks will now auto-scribe recipes. This will prevent issues with players sometimes receiving a recipescroll above their level due to skill increasing bonuses.

    Far Seas Distillery is now a destination for guild amenity mariner bells.
    Guild harvesters will no longer go harvesting when you tell them you do not need them to harvest at the moment.

    Corrected an issue with Vigor, Warring Protector and Planar Benediction needing to be recast after zoning.
    Exceptional Jewels will now apply to the correct item sets.
    Exceptional Jewels will now drop as one of three patterns.
    Elemental damage versions of The Bleeding Blade are now correctly named Curved Blade of Seafaring.
    The damage rating for the Curved Blade of Seafaring will no longer drop when they are changed into elemental versions. This will retroactively correct current elemental versions of the weapon.
    The Scarlet Albatross no longer references a deino mount, because a deino mount it is not.
    The effect Drunken Mastery should correctly apply to Master's Rage, Master's Strike, Master's Smite, and Sinister Strikes.

    Deep in the Lost Shadows - Captain Greymast respawn much faster now.
    Plucked From the Source - Shroomba budling spores will now respawn.
    99 Bottles of Rum on the Wall - Description now states it can only be updated through the 11 and 22 Bottles of Rum on the Wall weekly missions.
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