Update Notes: Tuesday May 3, 2016

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  1. Jamiss Developer

    Lowered the hit points of monsters in Level Agnostic dungeons.

    The Siege [Raid]
    Durtung should no longer be immune to the same damage types as his adds are immune to.
    Required resolve for all bosses have been lowered to compensate for duplicate classes in raid makeup.
    Sanctifier Goortuk should no longer kill players when logging in from a linkdeath due to assumed low power level.

    Scourge Keep [Both Versions]
    Some things required to spawn something are now stackable.
    Qulkor's dungeon key should be much more visible.

    Testing the Meat can once again be completed.
    The wisps protecting the Ulteran Spire Debris in Scourge Wastes will always attack whomever interacts with the debris.
    Added some extra time to Anatomy of a Lion for Scourge Wastes [Heroic].

    Scourge Keep [Both Versions]
    Sewage Disposal should always be granted (if you quality), after the first crocodile egg is attacked.
    Wraiths Upon the Wastes in both versions of Scourge Wastes should always update for the entire group (if within range of targets).
    Confounding Coffers properly updates the next step of the quest for everyone in the group.
    Clicking the throne in Scourge Keep to start the timed mission, Tower Run, will now teleport you to the correct starting location in front of the throne.
    The special quest version of Yallessulich will now update the mission, Wroth With Yegigoth.

    Collections from GU100 fabled dungeons can now be placed in collection depots.
    Illusion armor granted by Facade of the Dhalgar and Facade of the Gnemlin will no longer be overridden by equipped/appearance armor.
    Most Terrors of Thalumbra raid bosses that drop armor now drop 2 pieces.
    Doomwalker's Ring, Klick'Anon Signet Ring, Moradhim Signet Ring, and University of Andelfoof Ring may now be purchased from Sarforth in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep.
    Corrected an issue that prevented many GU100 items from salvaging correctly.
    Corrected an issue that caused some items to lose reforging on zoning.
    Raised the Max Health increase on several Orcishwaste Siege armor pieces to the correct levels.


    Resolve buffs no longer cancel each other when cast by two of the same class in a group or raid.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.