Update Notes: Tuesday May 19, 2020

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  1. Thordalf Developer

    • The following raid achievements have been reset:
      • Guild Raid: The Spirit Within the Spires [Challenge]
      • Guild Raid: Portabellius Shrieker [Challenge]
      • Flawless Guild Raid: Nhekrin, Dual Master [Challenge]
      • Flawless Guild Raid: Portabellius Shrieker [Challenge]

    • Corrected an issue that granted challenge rewards when completing Lunar Locales [Event Heroic] when completing the weekly mission in a non-challenge zone.

    Fordel Midst: Remembrance [Challenge Raid]
    • Lowered the number of overall curses that can be applied per Nhekrin's phase switch, even if the timing of the spells are ignored.
    • The Vestigial Broker should now allow players to transfer the "You're It!" curse by using the /curse emote. /point can be used to check if the player is a valid target or not. These commands will only work during the Vestigial Broker encounter.
    • In the Dual Master encounter, corrected the wording for when the "Blind Faith" curse expires so that it correctly messages the reason for the failure.
    Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Challenge Raid]
    • Lord Commander Seru should more reliably count how many gladiators are allowed to persist within the encounter. Pssst, it's 4! Don't tell anyone...
    • Evened out the maximum health of the Sanctum Stabalizer golems in the Lord Commander Seru encounter so that the health does not jump up so significantly.
    Blood of Luclin Challenge Raids
    • The following encounters have had healing from player death removed:
      • Corrupted Lord Commander Seru
      • Uget, Ugep, and Uger
      • Scrawl
      • Thought Horror Aberration
      • Nhekrin

    • Bursar Janha in The Court of the Blades has been reminded the price for a searing sands cobra.

    The Vault of Ssraeszha [Heroic and Solo]
    • You should now land safely when jumping down into the pit.
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  2. Gninja Developer

    Fordel Midst: Remembrance [Challenge Raid]
    The zone is once again available for play.
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