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    Members now receive five bonus Guided Ascension scrolls per week from the Ascension masters. When these bonus scrolls are claimed you will be not be able to receive any more bonus scrolls for six days and 20 hours.
    Ascension Masters will now continue to grant Guided Ascension scrolls until all four Ascension classes are level 10. You are still limited to one scroll per day.

    Expert zones are more challenging versions of all current Kunark Ascending heroic zones, as well as the tier one, two, and three raid encounters in the Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold and Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos raid zones. Expert zone encounters drop more powerful items. All current heroic missions will update within the appropriate expert zones and grant an extra reward if completed utilizing an expert zone.

    Speak to Prissaia <Expert Dungeon Portal Summoner> within Crusaders' Cave in Obulus Frontier to venture to these new instances.

    • Added bonus experience multipliers for defeating encounters in all Kunark Ascending zones.
    • Removed bonus experience multipliers for defeating encounters from all previous expansion zones.
    • Going forward, bonus experience multipliers will only be applied to zones in the most recent expansion era.
    • Defeating the final boss in any Kunark Ascending heroic dungeons will grant a robust experience award.
    • Reduced the lockout timer of Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Challenge Heroic] to 3 hours.
    • Reduced the lockout timer of all other Kunark Ascending [Heroic], [Event Heroic], and [Advanced Solo] instances to 90 minutes.

    The Fabled Acadechism [Both Versions]
    • Removed the possibility of remaining stuck in combat against Emperor D'Vinn.

    The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule
    • Enforcer Zifa can now be killed.

    • Ascension forms have been moved into their own ability, granted at level 1, 5 and 10 of each ascension class. Players that have already earned the required ascension level will not receive the new spell retroactively, however may purchase the forms at the ascension masters.
    • Divine Righteousness will now display in the maintained spells window.
    • Reduced the maximum increment on Brittle Armor to 24.
    • Corrected a bug that caused Glacial Freeze to refill the targets power when it wore off.

    • The End of an Era - Osh will offer this quest even if you are on "Curse of the Magic Thief" or "Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road."
    • The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains - The dimensional anchor in Obelisk of Ahkzul will now properly update the quest when destroyed with the equipped the staff of Theer, even when it is destroyed in one hit.
    • "The Legend of Dalnir - Page 9" will no longer spawn on the ground within Bathezid's Watch in Fens of Nathsar.
    • A source of Malediction - The Journal of the Dread Exarch is now removed from player's inventory when the quest is deleted.
    • The Maiden of Masks - The Tightly Locked Chest can no longer be interacted with if you already have the Desiccated Halfling Skin Mask.
    • Jerol in Village of Shin now offers "a Letter of Summons" to those who have completed "Lack of Documentation."
    • Key to Curing the Spellpox - The Blackscale rune cube no longer regenerates health when damaged.

    • The Iksar Hero will no longer reset if all players are removed from its hate list.

    • Polúmetis, the Arms Dealer of Ik will now sell Awakened epics to those that have previously completed their Kunark Ascending epic quest.
    • The TSO Troubador and Dirge raid breastplates now properly apply their effect to the entire group.
    • The TSO Ranger and Assassin raid 2-piece set bonuses now apply additional potency.
    • The TSO Illusionist raid 6-piece set bonus now properly applies potency to recipients of Synergism.
    • Rewards from the quest "Out of Her Element" may now be equipped at level 80.
    • Corrected an issue where epic combat mitigation debuffs were wearing off faster then intended.

    • What is That Noise?! - Mraugl Stonecrusher in the Bar of Brell, will now offer this quest to those who have completed it in years past.
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