Update Notes: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Bag Sorting:
    • Added Fuel, Food, and Drink filters.
    • Added Tier sorting method "/sort_bags tier".
    • Added Ascending and Descending parameters for sorting called with "a" and "d" respectively (ie: "/sort_bags tier a").
    Bag Dumping:
    • Restored old bag swap functionality. Dragging a bag over another bag in your equipment window will swap the position of those bags (without moving their contents).
    • To dump the contents of a bag into another, open the destination bag and then drag and drop the source bag into the open destination bag’s window.
    • Bag Dumping now supports partial dumping. Remaining items beyond the destination bag's limit will be placed back within the source bag.

    The Dreadcutter: The Pirate Kings [Raid]
    The scout cursed by the ogre witchdoctor should not be teleported unless there are not enough valid teleport targets.

    PvP General
    Temporary buffs that have reduced durations in PVP combat will now acquire their PVP durations more reliably.

    Eidolon Jungle: Solo set gloves now drop from certain solo named.
    Pirate King Mage accessories now have offensive casting skills, Subjugation, Disruption and Focus.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.