Update Notes: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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    Weapon Damage Bonus and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus are now displayed under the Autoattack category in the character sheet window.
    Max Health % is now displayed in the tooltip for Health in the character window.
    Physical Damage Reduction % is now displayed in the tooltip for Mitigation in the character window.
    The Etyma Merchant Delvakin in Falinpol has several new consumables that may be purchased to assist you on your adventures.
    Those that have completed the quest ‘Putting the Rage in Ragefire’ may now purchase upgrades to some crafted consumables from Delvakin in Falinpol area of Vesspyr Isle.

    Characters that are already paid Heroic characters can no longer consume the heroic bauble.

    Avatars (Contested Raid)
    Corrected a potential issue that was causing crashes during the Rodcet Nife encounter.

    Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
    Adds in Zlandicar encounter should no longer be consumed after they die.
    Curse of Chaos should no longer hit the player Klandicar is currently targeting.
    Adds in the Pyrelord and Controller fight now despawn when they are defeated.
    Adds in the Pyrelord and Controller encounter are no longer showing as grayed out or broken encounters.
    Jardin can now be affected by spells such as Lifeburn.

    Cranial Capacitor's will now stack with all other tradeskilled tools.

    Bleedout will now apply an outgoing heal debuff on your target in PvP combat.

    Countermoves has been changed to reduce latency. The effect now triggers 100% of the time when the wearer takes damage and has a chance to apply on attacks. It now applies 12% potency to the raid for 5 seconds.
    Energy Imbue now properly applies Ability Modifier.
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