Update Notes: Tuesday June 7, 2016

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  1. Jamiss Developer

    • Collectibles near Monolith of Woe and Ember Hive in Kylong Plains are no longer buried by snow or rock.
    • Harvestables and shinies will now despawn 5 minutes after opened instead of 2 minutes.
    • Tier 2 raid armor from the Scourge Wastes now grant the correct 6 resolve.
    • Paying Homage to the Past - Is now available from Navarius Orvalis <Sage> in Freeport.
    • The city Sages have received a huge shipment of Lore & Legend books, available for those who have completed the corresponding Mastery.
    • Fearknight is now available to purchase from Noble Tark Validus <Loyalty Merchant>.
    • Staff, Sai, Katana, and Mace of the Hua Mein are now heirloom
    • Summer Ethereal Items are here! Characters may pick up a new mission that will grant an Ethereal Coin with a chance at an Ethereal item. Ethereal coins may be used to purchase Ethereal rewards at a new merchant in Thalumbra: the Ever Deep.
    • Corrected an issue that caused the Shrink Mercenary spell to spam free players.
    • Pets on Timelocked servers have had their health reduced.
    • Pets on Timelocked servers will recieve less from heals cast on them.
    • Lowered the number of updates and/or increased the amount of time to complete the following Scourge Wastes [Heroic] timed quests: Stump Buster, Anatomy of a Lion, Clear Cut, and Bloodtusks For Bol.
    • Monster Creation Made Easy - There is now an onscreen message when Durrysn B'Kiltar spawns his writhing sinew beast.
    • Sabotage: The Stolen Payroll - Added a bit more direction for the location of the payroll shipments.
    • In Honor and Service - The orc spies are now view predicated, and respawn immediately.
    • Chipping and Shrumbling - Captain Steelforge will now update this quest, even if the player has already been offered "To Echo Echo."
    • To Echo Echo - Captain Steelforge will no longer offer this quest, until the player has completed "Chipping and Shrumbling."
    • An Introduction to the Fae - The Shadow Attacker is now easier to spawn, even if the player is on a mount.
    • The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome - Spawning the young dragon is easier now for those on flying mounts.
    • Serving the Land - The Shimmer Infused Dryland Scavenger Carcass is now usable as an icon from your quest helper.
    • Serving the Land - The Shimmer Infused Dryland Scavenger Carcass is now deleted from your inventory when the quest is deleted.
    • Pilfered from Pilgrims - All of the stolen Research Tomes are now reachable. (Some were spawning under the rock in the area.
    • Special Ingredients - You can now pick up the shells from a little further away.
    • Snowfang Starvation - Quest journal now accurately reflects the number of frostbitten parsnip you have harvested.
    • Ethereal daily and weekly heroic missions are now available in Thalumbra! Speak to Holstin Coresprock for the daily mission and VV.E.E.K.I_.Y IIIissi0N5 for the weekly mission.
    • Echoes of Faydwer Fighter Raid Armor Set Bonuses have been improved.
  2. Caith Developer

    • Encounter Auto Attack damage has been decreased.
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