Update Notes: Tuesday January 29, 2019

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Icy Keep: Retribution
    • Base population within the zone have had their health adjusted to be more appropriate.

    • The Ascension of Destruction effect from Empowerment of Aniquilacion will now modify Ethermancy II.
    • Ascension of Magic from Empowerment of Zou Kunnen will now modify Frozen Heavens II and Virulent Outbreak II.
    • All tradeable adornments should now be able to be placed into adornment depots.
    • Insignia of the Guardian - Collectible name is now correct.
    • Tempestorill's Hands of Gusting Winds - Armor name now has proper grammar.
    • Terranaut's Shining Band - Item name now spelled correctly.
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