Update Notes: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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    From December 16 to January 6, we will be dropping Ethereal armor adornments on AoM Heroic and Advanced Solo instance bosses. These adornments can be used with the other new gem sets in the expansion!
    Corrected an issue where coin would vanish when deposited into the shared bank as an exile.

    The Dungeon Maker feature is now available to all players.
    Dungeon Maker dungeons no longer grant experience or rewards. Players can still spend existing tokens in the Marketplace.
    Most avatars and toolbox objects are available to all players.
    Spawners no longer drop in the world.
    Current dungeons have been unpublished.

    Several loot drops have been moved to more accurately reflect zone progression difficulty.
    There are now additional Speedbuff Waterspouts in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea near zone lines.
    Essence of War may now also be obtained from slaying Perador the Mighty.

    Phantom Sea
    Khadra the Ferrin Merchant now sells Draconic Scrolls, and will upgrade your ancestral champion consumables for Ferrins.

    Ossuary of Malevolence [Contested]
    Drops have been upgraded to bring them into line with zone difficulty.
    Overall hit point values have been reduced by 20% to 25% for basepop and bosses.

    Resonance of Malice
    The Deathly Usher fight in Resonance of Malice now has additional messaging.

    Raxxyl's Rousing Tune IX is now less confused. It now shows as IX in the knowledge book.

    Bristlebane's tricksy leaping rabbit mount is now slightly less tricksy, allowing for other leaping mounts to correctly be used in the appearance mount slot while it is equipped.
    Soldier's Legplates of Guarding now has the correct Icon.
    Corrected an issue with several armor pieces not being equippable after adding a blue adornment.

    Tradeskill Weapons should no longer be Lore Equip.
    Phantom and Tranquil shield recipes no longer require Araucaria Lumber.
    Mastercrafted weapons have had their damage rating increased to be more in line with intended values.

    Altar of Malice Adventure writs are now available from guildhall adventure writ agents.
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Thread Status:
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