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    Great Divide
    • Frosty den no longer has the chance to spawn floating above the ground around the Ring War Remnants.

    • Items dropped by Ponzer the Propugnator in Kael Drakkel have been updated.

    Recuso Digsite [Tradeskill]
    • Zoning into the zone should no longer pull your group members along with you.

    Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
    • The door leading to the teleporter for Xerkizh the Creator should no longer become unusable if you leave and return to the zone.

    Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
    • Thall Va Xakra Fer should no longer kill pets with his joust ability. If a pet is nearby during a joust event, it will check the range of the caster to make sure they are out of range of the joust before executing a fail.
    • When Thall Xundrax Diabo falls below 20% health, the Va Dyn Shadow Striker and Scrapper will now become weakened.
    • The messaging for the time to complete Emperor Ssraeshza's class challenges should now more accurately display the time from when the portals appear until the challenge timer has ended.
    • The Deliverer of Solace during the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter has had their health reduced.

    • Removed the ability to purchase the Guild Hall Chronomage, and Portal to Housing on Time-Locked servers as they will not function with Time-Locked restrictions.

    • Mentored players on a PvP server will have an effect applied to them that will reduce their stats to bring them closer to parity to the level to which they have mentored.
    • Characters will no longer be able to disband group if anyone in the group has been engaged in pvp combat.

    Destiny of Velious
    • Adornments, including turquoise adornments, are no longer rewarded from the Ring War, Storm Gorge or Besieging Sleeper's Tomb public quests, and instead are dropped from heroic zone bosses and bosses within Kael Drakkel contested.

    • Flying Feathers – The Gryphon Research books in the Thurgadin library no longer have a chance to spawn at the same locations as books for "More Ore of Yore".
    • Cold Cuts in Winter - Returning to Farg Bloodtusk, at the Thrael'Gorr camp, will now update the quest, even if you have already completed Strength in Honor.
    • In the Thicket of It: A Sacred Essence - Sacred mantas can now be a target for this quest.
    • Spies No More - Investigating the second location for a Duhjalm spy now only provides a message to the immediate player.

    The number of available charged overseer quests slots are now visible in the tooltip for available quests for the day.

    The casting time for All-Out Brawl, the effect on the Ring of Ages, has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.
    Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume I and Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume II items have been adjusted
    The Frostshadow Tyranodon and Xoloti, Spirit Guide mounts can now be examined from inventory to convert them to house items.
    Corrected a bug that renamed Varig's Forge to Recuso Crafty Table
    Greaves of the Circling Destiny - Armor item is now named appropriately for its inventory slot.
    Overseer's Solid Chestguard - Item name typo corrected.
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