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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    • Corrected an issue that removed the hydra helm components from the "Automation at it's Best", "Stoking the Forge", and "Change of Tides" achievements.
    • Several house items that were recently unearthed are being added to the Loyalty Realtor merchants in Qeynos and Freeport. These items include: Draconic Floating Lamp, Dalnir Anvil, Distillation Tubes, Alchemist's Hourglass, Draconic Brazier with Stand, New Combine Scroll Shelf, Diseased Malarian Plushie, Vekerchiki Warrior Plushie, Fire Wasp Basin, Ghorkaal Treasure Chest, Hate-Fueled Chandelier, Loda Kai Firepit Shovel.
    • When is a crate not a crate? When it is a sconce, apparently! Who knew that a crate could have no actual storage space and give off light, eh? Item "Draconic Runed Crate" has been renamed to "Draconic Runed Sconce".
    • Kael Drakkel:
      • Beck Quantem, Time Traveling Home Goods vendor, was a tad overenthusiastic with the items that he was selling, and included items that were already available via live events or other means on the Kael Drakkel server and some items that were bugged or otherwise never intended to be released. These items have been trimmed from his very large list, leaving him with a still Very Large List of items. In addition, he has unearthed the Far Seas Fountain and is now offering it to players on Kael Drakkel for a very reasonable rate.
    • The following weapons now have two Red adornment slots available:
      • Vacrul Executioner's Headsplitter
      • The Butcher's Bloodletting Buckler
      • The Butcher's Guarding Tower
    • Charms found in Coffers and Coffins content now have Blue adornment slots.
    • Nights of the Dead Vallonite Warrior Costume - Males now equip an exclusive Vallonite appearance, to better match the female exclusivity, and still adhere to Vallonite uniforms.
    • The unnamed fish-looking ring now has a non-fish-looking name.
    • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
      • Corner the Market [Challenge] Merchant Mayhem [Heroic II] now reset every 3 days.
      • Corner the Market [Challenge] and Clandestine Challenges now require 1 extra kill each to complete.
    • These daily missions for Merchant's Den [Solo], [Heroic I] and [Heroic II] should now grant bonus common collectables for the appropriate zone.
      • Merchant Mayhem [Heroic I]
      • Merchant Mayhem [Heroic II]
      • Merchant Mayhem [Solo]
    • Heritage Hunt [Daily] overseer adventures will now grant Dwarven Heritage Crates.
    • Competitive Market Strategies & Cut-throat Competition - Recovering stolen pottery and rugs now updates for group members, whether they are on either of these quests.
    • Contract Termination & Cut-throat Competition - Burning contracts and promissory notes now updates for group members, whether they are on either of these quests.
    • What is Rightfully Hers - The zone "Workshop of the Dark Bargainers" now scales appropriately on Kael Drakkel.
    • Storage Wars & Competitive Market Strategies - Freeing Vikana's associates now updates for group members, whether they are on either of these quests.
    • Cut-throat Competition - Only the vampires within the Merchant's Den are proper targets for this quest now.
    • Cut-throat Competition, Contract Termination, Competitive Market Strategies - Gelda Glintswift's and Elder Furdock's adds no longer update these quests.
    • Provocateur Bas Darkfrost will now only show up in Great Divide once "Iceshard Keep: Agent Provocateur" is made available.
    • The tradeskill quest "Wax On" now grants 6 waxy leaves at the start of the quest, for those who have lost track of the ones that they harvested during "Desiccated Desert".
    • The quest "Inheriting Family" now specifies that the icy fennel is located near the Icegill Lake mount station. (Yes, it is a lagoon, not a lake, but the cold seems to have frozen the minds of the mount maintainers.)
    • Kael Drakkel:
      • The recipe for Enhanced Crushbone Furious Earring now asks for the proper primary ingredient.
    • Corrected a bug that would cause wards to apply for no value when the Chaotic Leech values are higher than the caster's ward values.
    • The number of characters in Chaotic Leech has increased because it now has commas!
    • Merchant's Den zones will now drop new mercenaries for the new season, Visions of Vetrovia buff.
    • Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence [Raid]
      • Vampiric Bite has been slightly reduced in damage growth over time.
      • Vampiric Puncture has been adjust so the ticks of damage do not happen as frequently.
      • Mayong Mistmoore has returned to the castle ready for any challengers that wish to face him.
      • The statues in the Lenya Thex encounter should now have mouseover text before the encounter is active.
      • Corrected an issue in the Lenya Thex encounter that prevented the damage immunity given by the volume adds from being removed properly.
      • Corrected an issue that would occasionally block line of sight when engaged with Zarrakon.
      • Corrected a text issue for the messaging when Poppet the Thrasher is defeated.
    • Forlorn Gist: Akashic Incursion [Raid]
      • Corrected an issue in the Cloaked Necromancer encounter that caused the curse "Distracting Admission" to always fail.
      • Corrected an issue with the item "The Mother's Will" preventing it from successfully moving the intended player out of harm's way.
      • Abandoned Familiars should now use the correct difficulty version of the "Rising Dread" buff.
      • Corrected an issue where Auntie Grimm would react to her ally not being active by saying the "Illusionary Remnants" had not been defeated instead of the proper messaging.
      • Corrected an issue that prevented the Akashic gardens from spawning in a persisted zone.
      • Grandmother Deliria's maximum health has been reduced.
    • Mahngavi Wastes
      • The bounty boss, Sendara Quel, should now spawn properly.
    • Mahngavi Wastes: Warpwood Cairn [Heroic I]
      • Collectible spawn points are now all above ground.
    • The Merchant's Den [All Versions]
      • Fixed a bug that prevented Arachlord Dyrraga from recasting Trade War after returning to combat when Mayong Mistmoore departs.
      • Gelda Glintswift's bubbles should be less likely spawn on top of each other.
    • The Merchant's Den [Heroic I and II]
      • Liegess Lavalle's bloodthirsty colony should spawn a little less frequently.
    • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
      • Minimum duration has been reduced to 3 days.
      • Chaotic Leech and Combat Mitigation have been reduced for both normal and challenge bosses, and base population.
      • Max Health has been increased for both normal and challenge bosses.
      • Arachlord Dyrraga should no longer apply Tangled Webs on multiple group members at a time.
      • Breakable wall is more breakably breakable.
      • The distressed and gratified merchants have been moved a bit closer to the zone exit.
      • Elder Furdock's [Challenge] secret stash combination should be readily readable, when appropriate.
  2. Accendo Community Manager

    Edited the post to add in the following info:
    • Forlorn Gist: Akashic Incursion [Raid]
      • Grandmother Deliria's maximum health has been reduced.
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  3. Accendo Community Manager

    Emergency downtime update note:

    • Corrected an issue which caused potency to not apply to wards.
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