undocumented change in fabled guk ?

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by morderir, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. morderir Member

    the level of difficulties of the mob in fable guk have changed since the last 2 update and i don't remember having seen anything about that in the patch note. the change is especially notifiable in frenzied version : the boss are now nearly chaos descending heroic T2 level for example ( group of 4 raid T2 chaos equipped (tank/heal/2 dps)+ 2 merco fully geared) and we had needed most of our cooldown/ascension to get them ( along with some wipe when something go wrong) .
    some trash drained mana ( guk 4 frenzied second encounter ) which was new ...
  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I and a group of guildies have been running Fabled Guk daily for the last couple of weeks. There have been no changes.

    However, if you pull more than one group of mobs, they have a debuff that increases Bleedthrough by 25% per group, and simultaneously reduces the effectiveness of direct heals.

    So, be more careful when pulling in Frenzied, especially. Try to fight only one group at a time.Spells such as Unda and Etherflash have a big range and are spherical, so can pull stuff from levels above you. I can't remember if Daggerstorm does this also, but be cautious with blue AOEs in general.

    In regular heroics, you can get away with pulling a whole room because AOE mows them down (we sometimes run regular heroics with three mages and a couple of healers and go nuts). In Expert and Frenzied, not so much.

    If you do overpull, you can try to Feign Death or Scout Evac and then be more careful on the next pull.
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  3. morderir Member

    our group have been doing guk every week since several month ( for completing the collections) , we can do it blind now :)

    and believe me if you haven't done frenzied since 2 week , you will feel the change badly
  4. Kicks New Member

    They definitely pimp3d the GUK frnzied version. When I did the collection I soloed all the zones except for GUK3 frenzied. I did a rerun of GUK1 frenzied after reading this thread and the mushroom boss was at about 50% or 60% with all my ascensions fired at him.Took ages compared to a few months ago when I did the collection.
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