Understanding Inquisitor Alternative Damage Spells

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Nethrvemnon, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Nethrvemnon New Member

    I recently started playing an Inquisitor and have a few questions concerning the alternative close range versions of the damage spells of this class. First, there seems to be some redundancy involved in chosing these close range versions over the original versions. So what are some of the reasons for choosing these aa spells? Do people use them in conjuction with the original versions or as replacements? Do they offset needing to upgrade the original spells? Thereby reducing leveling costs for spells? Also, as an additional inquiry, are there any guides available that discuss the leveling process and choices available to the Inquisitor in an indepth fashion?
  2. Adegx Active Member

    I'll take a stab at this. The melee abilities you speak of are more about playing to the strengths of inquisitor and less about saving a few bucks on spell upgrades. Spec'd correctly inquisitors can do ALOT (for a healer) of melee dps. These CA's "fit"in there better.

    Inquisitors naturally have alot of the desirable melee stats in their buffs/aa choices. This makes them sort of a "battle priest." In terms of raw efficiency, when you figure in reuse time the CA's are probably going to parse a bit under the master spell versions in the long run. Excluding certain prestige lines. But they are darn near instant cast and slip in nicely between refreshing heals/auto attack. If you spec your prestige into those abilities....they will probably out preform the spell versions.

    I'm not sure what SOE policy is on linking so i wont mention that other site, but google should help guide you to good places to get info on builds.
  3. Nethrvemnon New Member

    Thank you for the stab. I appreciate the response. I've looked at some external sites such the wiki and zam, but didn't find in any indepth analysis on leveling specs, however I'll search again for some more exact guides. Thanks again for the reply.