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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Neimhidh, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Neimhidh Guest

    As the iksar necro reincarnation of the greatest iksar necro to ever live in EQ. Will the undead illusions reflect my lizardness? As many know, all mighty Leezard necros in EQ had to suffer with crappy human skeleton undead forms.
  2. ARCHIVED-Camus255 Guest

    i was playing a darf elf in beta lvl 20 skell illusion was a human skell model , i was playing a girl and illusion was a human male skell :( dont know if they changed this with release

    but with lvl 30 ghost illusion i was a dark elf ghost

    so you ll need lvl 30 if you want to be a iksar ghost but not iksar skell model
  3. ARCHIVED-Iphis Guest

    Nothing wrong with using a subserviant race for our designs, brother.

    I find it quite a bit more pleasing to torment the souls of softskins then I do with the fallen of our ferocious warriors.
  4. ARCHIVED-Elemence Guest

    they ought to have the robe over the skeleton model when you do skeleton illusion, I think it would look pretty cool, as opposed to just looking like a random skeleton mob, you know? Also flayed form is what- zombie form? I imagine ghost form is just a white/translucent version of yourself, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. ARCHIVED-Riklaunim Guest

    Realistically speaking the skeletons of a male and female do not differe that much... minor bone orientation and such. But nothing that shouts male or female just at a glance
  6. ARCHIVED-Elemence Guest

    I suppose flayed form is that of a zombie? sounds like it might be weaker looking than skel.
  7. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I was wondering if anyone else noticed that =)
  8. ARCHIVED-Neimhidh Guest

    I was thinking more along the lines of the differences between an iksar skelly versus human skelly. I don't want my Leezard to have human bones.
  9. ARCHIVED-r1chard3 Guest

    It's all about the tail man

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