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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Cerapis, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Cerapis New Member

    Question for anyone who has managed to kill this encounter or who is also failing miserably.

    At 50% ulvarg apparently starts bleeding at a double rate every 5 seconds. Our group doing about 19.5 B DPS can get him to about 30% before being overrun by adds and his DR hits 100%. Question is has anyone found a way to stop him from increasing his bleed rate doubling so fast? Is this bugged? Or do you need a group doing about 30-50 B DPS to kill him ... here is a copy from log regarding the bleed increments

    (1529386758)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:18 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386763)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:23 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386768)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:28 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386773)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:33 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386778)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:38 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386793)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:53 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386798)[Mon Jun 18 22:39:58 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386803)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:03 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386808)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:08 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386813)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:13 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386818)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:18 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386823)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:23 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386828)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:28 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386834)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:34 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386839)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:39 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386844)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:44 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!
    (1529386849)[Mon Jun 18 22:40:49 2018] \#FF7E1EUlvaug's rate of bleeding doubles!

    You get the idea....

    Thanks for any help
  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Just to check, you are getting him completely dispelled (Ethermancy, Absorb Magic, etc.) down to zero power, AND throwing every debuff possible as you go, right?

    Does he have adds? If so, you may need your folks who can dispell to have their threat windows open (/togglethreatwindow), target the adds and dispel them, then return to the named. You might need to burn adds down as fast as possible if they buff or heal him.

    If you're doing all that, then I have no other useful ideas.
  3. Dabus New Member

    Has anyone found a solution to the problem?
    Maybe need to get under his AoE to heal him?
  4. Scalo Active Member

    any progress? or did it turn out to be a massive dps check?
    from what you say, it looks like 50b dps is needed, not easy to get.
  5. Dabus New Member

    On friday Ulvaug the Blodfang was killed in 15 minutes, DPS 16B
    killed in battle: Blood of Ulvaug - 92 / a victim of Ulvaug - 63
    On saturday Ulvaug the Blodfang was killed in 32 minutes, DPS 12B
    killed in battle: Blood of Ulvaug - 166 / a victim of Ulvaug - 76
    Yesterday Ulvaug the Blodfang was not killed in 17 minutes, DPS 13B
    killed in battle: Blood of Ulvaug - 94 / a victim of Ulvaug - 109 (+ 20 alive a victim of Ulvaug)
  6. Moss Active Member

    We killed it a few times and again tonight, we believed it was boosted after last 2 patch, and it is really very (too) hard at the moment depending of your group setup. It is clearly not a boss for casual players in its current state.

    We also believe that a zone boost have been added on all PoP experts zones that reduce your damage depending the number of members alive in your group. We need to run more tests to confirm this.

    Tonight our kill (missing a top aoe dps) was done in 22min with 16B dps, killing 165 bloods and 182 victims, we were overwhelm most of the time after 50%. This figth requires about 20+B dps to make this fight in best conditions.

    You should of course not heal him.
  7. Tomshindo Active Member

    Plus I couldn't deal with the frontal AE correctly. I couldn't avoid it unless I move behind the named at the precise timing.
    Otherwise I move around the back of the named, we all have just got debuff. It's kind of the one of Karnah in PoI but it seems a bit different in avoiding.
  8. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

  9. Kari Well-Known Member

    He has two types of adds. The first type is the little green pools, which I think are named the blood of ulvaug. If those aren't killed quickly enough, then the victim of ulvaugs spawn out of the pools. We had one dps make a targeting macro for the pools and then the rest would target through them so they would quickly kill the pools and prevent the victims from spawning. We didn't find a way to stop the pace from doubling, we just fought through it. We killed 90 bloods and only got 7 victims.

    The mob is rooted, and we stood in the classic dragon position, between his hind legs. When he gave the log message that he prepares to spray blood in front of him, the tank would run back between his legs as well to avoid the frontal. The frontal is an arcane and a knock-back. The arcane heals the name. The best bet is to have the whole group avoid the arcane, be ready to cure it, and if they get knocked out of cure range they need a pot ready to cure themselves so the mob doesn't heal.

    Our group only did 13 billion dps, but we relied more on getting rid of adds and preventing the heal than on dps.
  10. Hiza Active Member

    We are finding this same situation with our pulls, 15-20 bil dps and we are not getting past 30%. I am not sure why this encounter was changed to be more difficult after a number of groups had already completed. This effectively locks out all but the dedicated raid teams.
  11. Chrol Developer

    Mechanics and HP have never been altered with this encounter, until the next hotfix, which will see his HP reduced slightly.
  12. Tomshindo Active Member

    Do you mean that is subtly different from just jousting behind the named? I suppose too fast jousting makes it failed but does that act make it different? If so, thank you for the veteran advice.
  13. Kari Well-Known Member

    Just that we all stayed under the mob as much as possible. I made an ACT trigger based on the warning text, and he waited for the trigger to run under the back of the name. Tank didn't run far back, just enough to be considered behind him and miss the arcane. That way no one got the knock back and if the curse expired no one died.

    The curse was too frequent for me to cure every time, as my class doesn't have any aa to reduce the base reuse for the curse cure.
  14. Tomshindo Active Member

    At least that does not work on me. It seems to me that this dragon judges his front by the location where the tank stand during his cast, so if I go behind the named too earlier, he recognizes where tank stands and takes the location as front, even though I stand back of the named. Oh wait then should the group run away opposed to the tank?
  15. Kari Well-Known Member

    The tank may have been waiting until he saw the cast bar to move. The group was under the dragon hind legs, the trigger would go off and tank would run to where group was. The mob wouldn't turn while he was casting, but as soon as the cast was done he would turn to face the tank. The tank would then stay in place while the group adjusted.
  16. southpaw Member

    I've tanked him and thats exactly what I do Kari, when he starts casting I run under him to the group. He's rooted as he's casting so it's pretty hard to mess this up. When cast bar is done I run back to where I was.
  17. Galvanic New Member

    This frontal isnt a frontal - or isnt working as intended.....we've seen him 1) unrooted while he casts Breath of Blood and 2) no matter where the group positions, everyone getting hit with the arcane.....we've done what others have stated above - from waiting until the cast bar pops, to staying between his legs, further out, further in, etc etc. This is very frustrating if we are missing something since the only warning is 'prepares to spray blood in front of him' (emphasis mine)
  18. Tomshindo Active Member

    I solved my problem. It seems that because I've jumped to move back of the named. When I walk/run to move to, it worked properly.
  19. Quigly Active Member

    I'm also having the issue where I cannot avoid the arcane. Waiting till he starts casting the arcane, then moving behind him to the rest of the group. Everyone else avoids it, but I get hit with it. Sometimes, everyone gets hit with it, even though they haven't even moved from his butt.

    This happens to me in both versions of the zones. Was able to muscle through 1 heal on the easy version of the zone but don't have the dps in the Herd Mode version. Extremely irritating to be held back due to a bug.
  20. Quigly Active Member

    So I think I've discovered what is causing these issues: Abilities that slow NPC casting speed.

    I was grouped with a brig who was using Torporous Strike (slows cast and recovery speed by alot) and when he stopped using it, the joust worked flawlessly. I think perhaps his scripted root wouldn't last as long as the casting time on his frontal and resulted in odd behaviors.

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