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  1. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    *[Updated 03-04-08]*

    A list of links that will help you use and create your own signatures.

    If you wish to submit something from outside this forum, either PM me or reply with the link and I will add it to the list. If it is a tutorial or resource you have written on this forum, PM or reply with the link and make sure you have labeled the subject line of your thread as either [Tutorial] for how-tos, or [Resource] for stock images, free fonts, etc.


    How To Use Your Sig (written by Seagoat)

    Basic Screenshot Manipulation (written by Khellendrathas)

    Background and Border Effect Techniques (written by SG_01)

    Makeshift Tutorial on Characters for Signatures (written by Aramae)

    How to Animate Your Sigs
    (written by Sapphirius)

    Intermediate Backgrounds (written by Aramae)

    Repainting Spell Effects
    (written by Seagoat)

    The Eyes Have It (written by Seagoat)

    Easy Hair Shine (written by Seagoat)

    Easy Skin Tone (written by Seagoat)

    Just Hair - list of tuts pertaining to drawing realistic hair

    What program do you use?
    - (forum thread)

    DaFont - freeware and shareware fonts

    Font Freak - freeware and shareware fonts

    1001 Fonts - PC and Mac fonts

    FontFace - PC and Mac fonts

    The Font Thing
    - a free program to manage and view all your fonts

    DeviantArt - a great site for brushes, fonts, stock images, etc. BE SURE TO READ CREATORS' USAGE RULES!

    ♣ WEBRING ♣
    EQ2 Sig Artists' Webring
    (provided by Seagoat)
  2. ARCHIVED-Littleflame Guest

    Add to resources http://www.fontfreak.com/ for fonts and The Font Thing for managing your fonts :). TFT is totally free lil program for categorizing and viewing all your fonts. And it's easy to use.
  3. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    Ah lovely! Thank you!
  4. ARCHIVED-Seraphias Guest

    Also include www.fontface.com - may favorite free font website - they have pc & mac fonts.
    I love that you combined all of these into one post - it needs a sticky!
  5. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    And a favorite font website of mine... 1001 Fonts
  6. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    Updated! I'm not quite sure how to go about stickying a thread. *scratches head*
  7. ARCHIVED-Seraphias Guest

    I think we have to ask a mod.
  8. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Yep, just shoot a PM to Echgar. He's my hero!
  9. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    Echgar is now my hero too! *swoons* ;D
  10. ARCHIVED-SapphireSniper Guest

    All together girls.. Thank you Echgar!
  11. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    [Added Seagoat's EQ2 Sig Artists' Webring since it hasn't been getting any love lately. :) ]
  12. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    [Added Aramae's tutorial]
  13. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    [Added Sapphirius' tutorial]
  14. ARCHIVED-K_Aramae Guest

    I put a tutorial for backgrounds in http://forums.stat...=378194

    Hindsight though, I should have dedicated a new thread for it so it was easier to access. :( Sorry..
  15. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    That might be better when you write future tutorials but for now I have the link to the specific post so no worries! *hug* :)
  16. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    [Added Seagoat's tuts]
  17. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Just 'cause I'm nosy, I added a little blurb at the end of my tutorials asking people to post stuff they made in that tutorial's thread. I love to see stuff people have made!
  18. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    Added another Seagoat tut. ;)
  19. ARCHIVED-Khellendrathas Guest

    Added Auroz's search for realistic hair thread.
  20. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

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