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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Seems Thordalf didn't get the memo DW.
    The test update notes have the wrong format. Make sure you guys fix the notes for the live update as well otherwise there will be whinging.
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  3. Ryoga Member

    Sinreaper, no counter facts?
  4. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Umm, exploit weakness suffers from the same case of doublecastitis that FFU does, and could do with the same fix. As for crying about FFU being OP, you don't get to do numbers like that without knowing exactly what you're doing. It isn't handed to you on a plate and assassin is one of the most technically difficult classes to play well. So anyone who can do that deserves for their FFU to doublecast properly.
  5. Wolf_ Member

    Can't hear that argument anymore. Falls into the same drawer as ranger are autoattack chars. Those thinking this way never would do decent dps. No class in game is easily to play if you want get the maximum out of it.
  6. CSP84 Active Member

    By the same logic BL pets are not OP as they are technical as well and you need to know what Stats to reforge....

    It is funny Sins crying for a couple of weeks and get "fixed", Ranger on the other hand making cases for improvements for years and the Dev(s) couldn't care less.
  7. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    No, sorry, but BL is very simple to get great result from. Assassin is extremely technical and not many can get those sorts of results. Your statement is simply incorrect and it's a poor comparison.

    I'm not disagreeing about Rangers, they do need looking at for sure, but there are some who do very well right now, despite the shortcomings of the class.

    The imbalance in the classes is a bad thing for the health of the game, and judging by what we've seen with the release of Sol's Eye and PoWar, if you consider this an opportunity to claw back some customer confidence, I doubt the upcoming class balance is going to deliver the result everyone wants.
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  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    /shrug I pull my weight.
  9. CSP84 Active Member

    This argument " a class is doing very well" doesn't hold much as every class can do very well. If you show me parses where Ranger outparses well played BL's, Sins, Wizzies or conjies i am on your site.
  10. Plauj New Member

    Rangers: "We've been broken for a while."
    Assassins: "We're broken, too."

    Bruisers, for the last ten years:
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  11. Melt Actually plays the game

    Yeah I'm guilded with the highest parsing assassin in the game and people have literally transferred servers to try to take his spot and nobody has. He, at like 195-200k, sits above our 210k beastlord. A good assassin is a force to be reckoned with.
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    No facts Period is my respond to u ! ?
    its not a hearing where i have to counter facts for ur parses no matter what i think i dont agree with u
  13. Jiggamann Member

    Gut is what makes fatal follow up hit so hard, read the patch notes related to your toons...the new ability from Sol Ro heroic will have the same effect.
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  15. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    "Corrected an issue with Fatal Followup that allowed it to benefit twice from some of its ability multipliers when used in conjunction with new abilities."

    @Wolf, I bet your guildy loves you now, seeing this line added to the patch notes. Hey, if you can't keep up with another player, draw as much attention to it as possible and whine and cry until they get nerfed.
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  16. CSP84 Active Member

    Don't tell me the Devs created a new class the "Crybearsassin".
  17. Seth Active Member

    u better be removing those achievements from SoH that people got.
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