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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Kyia, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Kyia New Member

    Hello fellow crafters! I know I am not the only one with a bunch of crafters and sometimes it is hard to keep them straight as far as TS quests go. Before I re-invent the wheel I thought maybe I should ask if anyone has done one before? I know that Mum posts some links to wonderful Holiday quest trackers on EQ2 Traders Corner so I am in hopes that someone has done a TS spreadsheet as well.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I don't know of a spreadsheet, but eq2u has a 'tradeskill report' feature that shows the number of tradeskill quests done for each 'line'.
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  3. Kyia New Member

    Thank you Mermut. I am not sure why I never looked at that before as I do use EQ2U for other information. It is not exactly what I was looking for but a great tool that will be super beneficial!
  4. santargria Well-Known Member

    I have a spreadsheet I keep for my toons - not sure how complete it is.

    I've posted one here

    Not sure how well versed you are with excel - I use look ups for a lot of things so I included one of my look up tabs

    This has a lot more than just tradeskill quests - it also has timelines, collections and what not as well

    You can add your own toons (there is a column titled where the toon names go

    This is an old version of excel so feel free to do what you want

    This is just 2 tabs of my eq 2 spreadsheet - mine has 23 tabs so far
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  5. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    Wow, Santargria! That's more comprehensive than my Excel workbook. I have 31 tabs in mine, and tend to use pivot tables pulling from my Data tab. :cool:
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  6. Feldon Well-Known Member

    I guess I need to update Tradeskill Report for Kunark Ascending quests and any other Tradeskill quests of note. I did reload all the Recipes on EQ2U recently, and we fixed a caching problem that was showing old recipe data.
  7. santargria Well-Known Member

    Wow 31? That's a lot

    Mine has been a work in progress for 10 years LOL - I have removed tabs and added over the years.

    Many of my tabs are for individual characters but I'll be removing them soon since I like the KISS (Keep it simple sweetie) method much more.

    I'm not really into pivot tables - I have such a bad memory of debugging them at a previous corporation I worked at - still gives me chills to think about it LOL
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  8. Kyia New Member

    Very impressive Santargria! Thank you very much for sharing!!! :D
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  9. santargria Well-Known Member

    You're welcome @kyla
    Here's a sample of how I use it (I left the character names off the top)

    I use 'X' to signify a parrticular toon completed an item - fill with red if they are unable to even do the task, yellow signifies can no but not done and '------ if a toon is currently working on an item


    I have several worksheets in this spreadsheet as well for other things.

    I have one main sheet for all toons with individual items such as: ADV Level, Craft Lvl, race, deity, which guild, do they have large bags or need, what mounts they have, tinker/adorn/transmute lvl, and lots more

    I track houses for each toon, which adorns they have (only doing the new 12 adorns)

    Deity quest tracking - I don't always finish but at least get the deity pet

    1 sheet just for tracking Chronos - this one is very helpful if you do chrono quests

    Portal tracking (I have a portal house and collect all the portals) so I know if I'm missing any - found a new one just the other day I didn't have - the Nyad

    Guild hall - what items I've purchased and what items are placed

    Another helpful tab is my account features - I have 5 accts so I know what features/xpacs each acct has/doesn't have

    What dungeons I've done by character

    Epic weapon quest by character

    A recently added tab is to monitor which toons have visited which areas - I use this for dailies so I don't repeat going to a city to get the update if that toon has already done it.

    I guess I'm a bit **** about this - but it sure helps to save time over all
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  10. Kyia New Member

    Again very impressive Santargria! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that keeps tracks of my toons in a similar fashion albeit on the lower tech side. I am not that well versed in Excel. I can manage a simple spread sheet and keep mine small because I print them and keep them all in a binder. I am rather "old school" on my tracking although do keep my spreadsheets updated in digital format as well. I think this goes way back to habits I picked up in my original EQ days when I played on dial up. It was impossible to window out so I kept binders full of notes, trackers and guides. Now that the wonderful world of wireless broadband has finally found my remote home and I can play windowed I find I still do things similar to how I did it for years. I recently added a second a computer so I may tinker with keeping a spreadsheet up on that one while I play on the other.

    I too have sheets for level, crafting level, class, race, alignment, etc. I also have one for armor, one for transmuting levels, one for each holiday and one listing some collections. I tried to do HQ's but have let that one slip. I recently started using Jesdyr's Home Organizing to keep track of house items in storage and that has saved me a TON of time. I have many others trackers but listed just a few off of the top of my head.

    I don't have a sheet for the Chrono quests but that would be soo helpful. I have one toon I am trying to get through all of them for the house items. Yes, I am slow as this is very old content.

    I too have a portal house. Actually it is my utility house with Tradeskilling, apprentices, portals and depots. I haven't done a list yet but I am trying to find ones I am missing too. I know I am missing at least 2 from ToV. I would love to compare portals if you wouldn't mind sharing.

    A dungeon tracker was another I started and stopped. I might get back around to it sometime. I actually think tracking the areas a toon has visited is a really good idea. I sometimes do the same thing on dailies and pop on a newer toon just to grab 3 quick discos but have never kept track of that before.

    Like I said above, it is good to see others tracking things like I do. So if you are a bit **** then I guess I am too! For me, it certainly keeps me organized and saves a ton of time. With 27 toons on 2 accounts without tracking I would never know where to start when I sit down to play.
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  11. santargria Well-Known Member

    I will absolutely be willing to share - here are the housing portals that I know of:
    (This does not include guild hall portals like the druid ring and wiz spire etc)

    The Ganak Battlements - Jarsath Wastes - Painting
    Toasting the Leatherfoot Brigade - Rivervale Painting
    Vesspyr Isles Whisper Column - Vesspyr Isles - Item
    Empowered Research Orb - Moonfield Hamlet/Stonebrunt - Item
    Obol Plains Spirit Anchor - Obol Plains - Item
    Eidolon Jungle Spirit Anchor - Eidolon Jungle - Item
    Gift of Nipiks Haven - Nipiks Haven - Item
    Tinkered Delight - Steamfont - Painting
    The Eternal Battle - Ringwar Battlefield - Painting
    Victory of the dain - Thurgadin - Painting
    Token of the Excavation - Moors of Ykesha airship dock - Item
    Mage Tower Mirage - Tranquil Sea - Item
    Withering Forest - Wakening Lands - Painting
    Otter's Rest - Fina's Retreat - Painting
    Nyad Plusihe -Isle of Mara - Plushie
    Cae'Dal Star - Ubulus - item
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  12. Prissetta Well-Known Member

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  13. santargria Well-Known Member

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  14. harvash Active Member

    Not inclusive, but I usually follow the Tradeskill Timeline on the wiki when I am feeling the need to break up the monotony of Rush Orders.

    If I do them "on level" then its pretty easy to figure out where I left off last - and quick check of "completed quests" will clear up any foggy recollections.
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  15. santargria Well-Known Member

    Issue I have with the quest log is there is no way to search for quests - same with achievements - both IMO would benefit from a search feature - even if you were able to start typing and position on an item would help
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  16. harvash Active Member

    Yes, I have often had the same thought - esp. after searchable vendors and multi-word partial search on broker were instituted! I would think this feature could be added fairly easily (I am a custom application DBA by trade), but they would need someone to work on it that isn't already 3 deep in the "ta do list"
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  17. Kyia New Member

    Thank you both Santargria & Prissetta. I was going to share the list of the portal items I had but the Wiki list covered all of the ones I knew about and gave me a couple more to try to get! I too am on a mission now for the missing pieces. ;)
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  18. Truwen New Member

    Sorry for the slight necro post. I think it is still relevant though.

    I have recently begun building spreadsheets for, basically, everything! So, it is no surprise that I find this thread. I plan to start building a sheet to keep track of my characters. I am interested in using pivot tables, but I find them a slightly confusing, I don't want grand totals (don't really need them for this), unless I want to track number of quests completed per character. Is there any way to really modify the types of information present on a pivot table.

    I started my "data" tab for crafting, which will include characters names, TS level, TS Profession, Adv Level, and Adventure class. I have other ideas, I have found that I can copy and paste the timelines into their own sheets and check things off as I complete them, doing this also copies the links (if the line/text is all one link, otherwise the link breaks). This was helpful with doing KA on my main.

    I have other ideas, but would welcome any suggestions. Specific item lists I should look for, I am going to dump my Neriak House so I don't have to pay upkeep any more! Yay! I have a bunch of prestige houses and want to convert one, at least one room of one, into a portal house/room, since I have so many portal devices/portals to go around. Thanks for linking the teleport items link, that's awesome.

    Any way, I should get off to bed, I look forward to discussions.
  19. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    I have an Excel workbook with many tabs for my EQ2 characters, and I LOVE pivot tables! I'm forever changing my pivot table to look at different data.

    The most important thing to do, IMO, is to right-click anywhere on the pivot table and open PivotTable Options. On the Display tab, check the box in front of Classic PivotTable Layout. This allows you to drag fields into the pivot table and move them around. I uncheck Show expand/collapse buttons - they just make the table messy. On the Totals & Filters tab, uncheck both Show Grand Totals. Also, on the PivotTable Tools menu, click on Design, then Subtotals at the far left and Do Not Show Subtotals.

    When working with this kind of data, I don't put any fields in either Column fields or Total fields. I do use Report Filter fields at times. I put most of my fields into the Row fields area. This way, you can create a list of your toons by name, by class level, by tradeskill level, etc. just by dragging fields in or out of the table, or dragging right or left in the Row fields area.

    Hope this makes sense... it's late here, too. :cool:
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