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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Kyia, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Kyia New Member

    Hello fellow crafters! I know I am not the only one with a bunch of crafters and sometimes it is hard to keep them straight as far as TS quests go. Before I re-invent the wheel I thought maybe I should ask if anyone has done one before? I know that Mum posts some links to wonderful Holiday quest trackers on EQ2 Traders Corner so I am in hopes that someone has done a TS spreadsheet as well.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I don't know of a spreadsheet, but eq2u has a 'tradeskill report' feature that shows the number of tradeskill quests done for each 'line'.
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  3. Kyia New Member

    Thank you Mermut. I am not sure why I never looked at that before as I do use EQ2U for other information. It is not exactly what I was looking for but a great tool that will be super beneficial!
  4. santargria Well-Known Member

    I have a spreadsheet I keep for my toons - not sure how complete it is.

    I've posted one here

    Not sure how well versed you are with excel - I use look ups for a lot of things so I included one of my look up tabs

    This has a lot more than just tradeskill quests - it also has timelines, collections and what not as well

    You can add your own toons (there is a column titled where the toon names go

    This is an old version of excel so feel free to do what you want

    This is just 2 tabs of my eq 2 spreadsheet - mine has 23 tabs so far
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  5. Prissetta Well-Known Member

    Wow, Santargria! That's more comprehensive than my Excel workbook. I have 31 tabs in mine, and tend to use pivot tables pulling from my Data tab. :cool:
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  6. Feldon Well-Known Member

    I guess I need to update Tradeskill Report for Kunark Ascending quests and any other Tradeskill quests of note. I did reload all the Recipes on EQ2U recently, and we fixed a caching problem that was showing old recipe data.
  7. santargria Well-Known Member

    Wow 31? That's a lot

    Mine has been a work in progress for 10 years LOL - I have removed tabs and added over the years.

    Many of my tabs are for individual characters but I'll be removing them soon since I like the KISS (Keep it simple sweetie) method much more.

    I'm not really into pivot tables - I have such a bad memory of debugging them at a previous corporation I worked at - still gives me chills to think about it LOL
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  8. Kyia New Member

    Very impressive Santargria! Thank you very much for sharing!!! :D
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  9. santargria Well-Known Member

    You're welcome @kyla
    Here's a sample of how I use it (I left the character names off the top)

    I use 'X' to signify a parrticular toon completed an item - fill with red if they are unable to even do the task, yellow signifies can no but not done and '------ if a toon is currently working on an item


    I have several worksheets in this spreadsheet as well for other things.

    I have one main sheet for all toons with individual items such as: ADV Level, Craft Lvl, race, deity, which guild, do they have large bags or need, what mounts they have, tinker/adorn/transmute lvl, and lots more

    I track houses for each toon, which adorns they have (only doing the new 12 adorns)

    Deity quest tracking - I don't always finish but at least get the deity pet

    1 sheet just for tracking Chronos - this one is very helpful if you do chrono quests

    Portal tracking (I have a portal house and collect all the portals) so I know if I'm missing any - found a new one just the other day I didn't have - the Nyad

    Guild hall - what items I've purchased and what items are placed

    Another helpful tab is my account features - I have 5 accts so I know what features/xpacs each acct has/doesn't have

    What dungeons I've done by character

    Epic weapon quest by character

    A recently added tab is to monitor which toons have visited which areas - I use this for dailies so I don't repeat going to a city to get the update if that toon has already done it.

    I guess I'm a bit **** about this - but it sure helps to save time over all
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  10. Kyia New Member

    Again very impressive Santargria! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that keeps tracks of my toons in a similar fashion albeit on the lower tech side. I am not that well versed in Excel. I can manage a simple spread sheet and keep mine small because I print them and keep them all in a binder. I am rather "old school" on my tracking although do keep my spreadsheets updated in digital format as well. I think this goes way back to habits I picked up in my original EQ days when I played on dial up. It was impossible to window out so I kept binders full of notes, trackers and guides. Now that the wonderful world of wireless broadband has finally found my remote home and I can play windowed I find I still do things similar to how I did it for years. I recently added a second a computer so I may tinker with keeping a spreadsheet up on that one while I play on the other.

    I too have sheets for level, crafting level, class, race, alignment, etc. I also have one for armor, one for transmuting levels, one for each holiday and one listing some collections. I tried to do HQ's but have let that one slip. I recently started using Jesdyr's Home Organizing to keep track of house items in storage and that has saved me a TON of time. I have many others trackers but listed just a few off of the top of my head.

    I don't have a sheet for the Chrono quests but that would be soo helpful. I have one toon I am trying to get through all of them for the house items. Yes, I am slow as this is very old content.

    I too have a portal house. Actually it is my utility house with Tradeskilling, apprentices, portals and depots. I haven't done a list yet but I am trying to find ones I am missing too. I know I am missing at least 2 from ToV. I would love to compare portals if you wouldn't mind sharing.

    A dungeon tracker was another I started and stopped. I might get back around to it sometime. I actually think tracking the areas a toon has visited is a really good idea. I sometimes do the same thing on dailies and pop on a newer toon just to grab 3 quick discos but have never kept track of that before.

    Like I said above, it is good to see others tracking things like I do. So if you are a bit **** then I guess I am too! For me, it certainly keeps me organized and saves a ton of time. With 27 toons on 2 accounts without tracking I would never know where to start when I sit down to play.
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  11. santargria Well-Known Member

    I will absolutely be willing to share - here are the housing portals that I know of:
    (This does not include guild hall portals like the druid ring and wiz spire etc)

    The Ganak Battlements - Jarsath Wastes - Painting
    Toasting the Leatherfoot Brigade - Rivervale Painting
    Vesspyr Isles Whisper Column - Vesspyr Isles - Item
    Empowered Research Orb - Moonfield Hamlet/Stonebrunt - Item
    Obol Plains Spirit Anchor - Obol Plains - Item
    Eidolon Jungle Spirit Anchor - Eidolon Jungle - Item
    Gift of Nipiks Haven - Nipiks Haven - Item
    Tinkered Delight - Steamfont - Painting
    The Eternal Battle - Ringwar Battlefield - Painting
    Victory of the dain - Thurgadin - Painting
    Token of the Excavation - Moors of Ykesha airship dock - Item
    Mage Tower Mirage - Tranquil Sea - Item
    Withering Forest - Wakening Lands - Painting
    Otter's Rest - Fina's Retreat - Painting
    Nyad Plusihe -Isle of Mara - Plushie
    Cae'Dal Star - Ubulus - item
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  12. Prissetta Well-Known Member

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  13. santargria Well-Known Member

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  14. harvash Member

    Not inclusive, but I usually follow the Tradeskill Timeline on the wiki when I am feeling the need to break up the monotony of Rush Orders.

    If I do them "on level" then its pretty easy to figure out where I left off last - and quick check of "completed quests" will clear up any foggy recollections.
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  15. santargria Well-Known Member

    Issue I have with the quest log is there is no way to search for quests - same with achievements - both IMO would benefit from a search feature - even if you were able to start typing and position on an item would help
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  16. harvash Member

    Yes, I have often had the same thought - esp. after searchable vendors and multi-word partial search on broker were instituted! I would think this feature could be added fairly easily (I am a custom application DBA by trade), but they would need someone to work on it that isn't already 3 deep in the "ta do list"
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  17. Kyia New Member

    Thank you both Santargria & Prissetta. I was going to share the list of the portal items I had but the Wiki list covered all of the ones I knew about and gave me a couple more to try to get! I too am on a mission now for the missing pieces. ;)
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