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  1. mendal New Member

    Do any missions exist where they give you the mats as well as what needs to be crafted?
  2. Prissetta Well-Known Member

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  3. Hexalobular Active Member

    The repeatable missions in three of the Moonlight Enchantment zones require you to harvest the mats in zone, though it's real easy and those zones have no hostile mobs, the main missions aren't tradeskill.

    The Far Seas Trading Division on the Isle of Mara have repeatable tradeskill missions, some of which have mat dispencers near the crafting stations, others require some running around collecting the mats from, for instance, dead bodies. These missions require a tradeskill level of 50 though.

    During Frostfell (Christmas) there's a repeatable (daily) mission, Frostfell Decoration Committee: Permafrost, that has mat dispencers in the crafting area.
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  4. mendal New Member

    How often are the far trade missions repeatable?
  5. Hexalobular Active Member

    The Wiki is a bit inconsistent but there are 5, a new one offered every hour and it seems that except for one of them they have a 90 minute lockout (the last one has an 18 hour lockout) so it ought to be possible to do one almost every hour.
    (There is a line that says they can, each, be done once a day but that seems to be left over from an earlier time.)

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