Toxic Assault and Caustic Detonation Scaling

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Airwalker, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Airwalker Member

    Did these abilities stop scaling at one point? These abilities used to be a warlock's bread and butter when it came to damage. Now they're so far behind other abilities in our arsenal, not sure if it's even worth specing into anymore.

    In an aoe fight, Caustic Detonation is now behind Rift in term of damage. Toxic assault is seeing similar issues, falling behind our other single target spells. Any input from other warlocks?
  2. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Just because the ability is there to choose, does not mean it needs to be selected. You have much superior spells to prioritize. Once you figure out your 3 primary chains and your 1 intermediary chain, you’ll come to terms with prioritization regarding spells that are hotbar worthy and accept that most aren’t.
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  3. Airwalker Member

    It's obvious what we should prioritize casting vs what's not. That, however was not the premise of my post. I am bringing up the scalability of these spells. Did they stop scaling at one point?

    Seems like class defining abilities has somehow got neutered somewhere along the road and never looked at since.
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You do want increments to accrue, that makes several of your other spells cast faster. I think the damage from the faster casting spells works out to be much more than Caustic Detonation is worth.
  5. Airwalker Member

    Toxic Aura only reduces Apocalypse and Rift casting time. Since Apocalypse is replaced by Decimation which as a long reuse timer and Rift itself has a long reuse timer, any Warlock worth half their salt would be able to dump those spell prior to unleashing their stack.