Duplicate Tormented Visage still does not drop with death

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Vlkodlak, Mar 10, 2023.

  1. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    Category: Mechanics
    SubCategory: Items
    Severity: Affects gameplay
    Frequency: Always Happens

    Zone: Takish Badlands
    Location: 632.91, 155.29, -708.25
    Character: Level 125 Ranger

    Summary: Tormented Visage does not drop with death
    Description: The Tormented Visage effect does not drop off players when they die. This causes them to die instantly upon being rezzed as well as it disables the use of the adorn until the player camps out.
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  2. Terrius Well-Known Member

    I've found dyeing a third time fixes the unusable adorn issue. Not a good work around but at least it means I don't have to camp every time!

    It also seems highly related to how fast you get rezzed after dying. Channeler rez will torment kill me every time, but a longer delay between the death and rez seems to let Tormented Visage drop off.
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  3. Kaladz Active Member