[TLE] Wizard Issues

Discussion in 'Mages' started by TheCrux, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. TheCrux Member

    Wizards are a complete joke in TLE compared to what they once were; here is a whine post.

    While summoners can hit 4 or 5 maybe 6 buttons to make up there rotation hitting 4-5k DPS (won't even touch on the heals, feign death, tracking, easy mode tanking, etc) wizards are micromanaging 13-15 spells in an extremely particular casting order to hit 1.5-2.5k DPS. Aside from having T2 dps as a wizard in the TLE, is being a frigid gift bot all we have to look forward to? and for how long?

    Pretty much the last month I am subbing to this broken garbage, itemization is horrible, raids are over before they start (due to hyperinflated summoner dps) and am just curious if there there is any light at the end of this TLE abortion tunnel or should every mage just roll summoner?

    Where is the value in paying standard MMO monthly prices vs. playing a game with proper content, itemization and class balance?

    Granted I knew going into this TLE that things were going to be a bit different, but this is beyond different and entering the realm of laughable. To me, the only + of this TLE experience was:

    1. Isle of Refuge (the whole 20 minutes of it)
    2. Pedestal of Sky

    Everything else has been below mediocre.

  2. Ap0k Member

    Sorc's are not T1 dps in the TLE.

    You will never beat the good summoner's in a solo or group encounter; and I don't foresee any change that would make that happen until RoK and beyond.

    The only way this COULD have been averted, was if DBG cloned there ruleset server from live, and spent a good 2 months balancing the tables, itemization, and skills to give TLE it's own UNIQUE set of rules/standards. (Private server dev's could do this, DBG cant?)

    It could be worse, we could be swashbucklers.
  3. Xorlin New Member

    I have to go with Apok on this one. The DPS classes just aren't balanced like it used to be. If you want to continue to be a Wiz, just get used to being lower on the parse.

    I'm still waiting for a group of people to make a guild consisted of 4-6 healers, and all Conjys. I'm just imagining how quick everything would drop.
  4. Satyr Well-Known Member

    I'm a raiding wizard.

    Wizard AA's are among the best for any class. Wizards will be parsing significantly higher in the next expansion. Jcapping Ice comet will help significantly too. Summoner AA's are more utility focused.

    That doesn't mean you will easily outparse conjurers and rangers, but I suspect that Wizard and Assassin DPS will both pull away to the point where you're beating necromancers (until they can life burn anyway) and will certainly be well ahead of all other classes (rogues, illusionists). I already outparse our worst necromancers.

    Wait until KoS.
  5. Sprok Active Member

    A good Wizard will not be far behind Summoners in KoS, potentially beating them on some single target depending on itemization.
  6. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    While I appreciate your sentiment ( I have a L60 Wizz on Stormhold), this horse has been beaten to death and kicked to the ditch months ago for all the reasons outlined above. We could sit and debate the why and how and how come it ain't fixed and how could DBG allow this to happen, but the reality is KoS will be the start of the fix. So vote YES next time around!! :)
  7. The Duke New Member

    Just to recap...we got the shaft again...big time. next xpack...really...and im paying for this broken piece of crap.