[TLE] Which pet for conjuror?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Zansobar, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Zansobar New Member

    I've been using the tanking pet but I recently hit 20 and have access to the mage pet and was wondering on the TLE PVE server which pet is best for solo questing/grinding? Reason I ask is I have to make a decision on whether I want to upgrade my mage pet spell to expert level or pick another spell that I use a lot...If it's best to stick with the tank pet then I won't waste the rare harvest on the mage pet spell.

    Just curious what people's thoughts are...I was assuming with auto attack being OP on this server that the tank pet is possibly the best bet.
  2. Season Active Member

    just try it out for like ten minutes.
  3. Zansobar New Member

    I don't think it will tell me much when one is Apprentice I and the other is Expert level.
  4. Nelurek New Member

    To be honest, I don't think it matters too much if you're just solo questing and grinding. I have a necro with the Expert version of both mage and tank pet, and they both perform well. The mage pet does especially well against linked mobs. It is probably pretty similar for the conjuror.
  5. Sogapa Active Member

    When you get the air pet (scout), switch to that, especially for any encounter with fewer than 3 mobs. Until then use the tank. Mage pet might be better for some fights at later levels but not early in the game. Mage will be effective against encounters of 3 or more linked mobs, but if that's not what you are fighting, I wouldn't use the mage.
  6. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    There's hardly ever reason to use the tank pet. I have all pets mastered on my 44 conjuror and they can all tank with the defensive stance. Linked encounters I use mage but for single strong mobs I use the scout pet.
    If there's a named with many linked adds I keep the named rooted and let my mage burn all adds then I summon the scout and send him on the named.

    Tank pet autoattack is crap, pets don't share blue stats.
  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I started using my mage pet as soon as I hit 20. and I was soloing around in Stormhold with it.

    that being said the Scout pet is the best on single target, Mage pet best at AoE target