[TLE][PVP] Bruiser Avoidance Issue

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Syere, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Syere Member

    I have been playing my bruiser a lot lately on Deathtoll, and I've noticed something strange. On my 37 Bruiser today, I was doing a lot of PVE zones. I notice that around 50% of the attacks on me are avoided or blocked, and this checks fine because my avoidance is - 51.1%. However, running between zones, I was attacked by another player, and I noticed that well over 90% of the attacks on me hit without being blocked or avoided. And hit hard - as hard as if I were just wearing cloth or leather armor. Needless to say, I think this is broken, and I don't recall things being this bad on Nagafen where my main was a Bruiser for a long time. Has anyone else noticed that avoidance in PVP is completely broken, are any developers looking into class specific bugs like this? And if so, is there any ETA for a fix?

    Thank you kindly,
    Fyst of Deathtoll
  2. Axaqi Member

    Firstly: You are wearing leather armor. So go figure. :)

    Now to the real problem: With time and inflated stats, in this case weapon skills, avoidance in PvP has become quite broken. If the weapon skills of your opponent give them several levels above their actual level, they will ignore your avoidance for the most part.

    If you examine your avoidance stat you will see that it is divided in different subsets. The only stat that will actually work as well as its' per centage tells you is the uncontested avoidance. The rest can be bypassed with weapon skills.
  3. Syere Member

    I agree that avoidance in PVP has become quite broken. Does anyone care enough to fix it? I think it'd be pretty simple. And while they are at it, can they fix the calculation on FD success/failure? The ability says it's supposed to succeed 76% of the time. I know how probability works, and it's 76% on each individual try, but still... it should not fail 80% of the time. My SK has a 50 or 60% chance to fail, and it almost never misses.
  4. Syere Member

    Bump, though I know very few care about PVP, and even less about brawlers.
  5. Humbaba New Member

    my deathtoll bruiser gets owned in pvp so hard... the enemy never misses... this definitely needs to be fixed