This server will give a buff that I can solo epics?

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by Kenn, Apr 6, 2023.

  1. Kenn Well-Known Member

    This might just have become my favorite server.
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  2. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    The new buff makes you pretty powerful. I think it will be fun to go check out raids. Look at the dungeon layouts and what the raid bosses look like. I never had time to raid on the live servers.
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  3. blackshad New Member

    how can you have fun if you one shot every named ?
  4. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    For me I just want to explore the raid dungeon layouts and look at the raid bosses. Not actually doing the raid encounters. I agree killing everything in one shot wouldn't be that fun.
  5. Kenn Well-Known Member

    I like doing the quest lines. I have never been able to finish some of them. Hopefully they don't have mechanics so I can't finish it solo.

    Only one other person, a die hard player that loves the server was logged in any time that I logged in. So content wasn't doable anyway . Maybe this change will bring life back to the server.
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  6. Buggabug Active Member

    Not every epic for sure, still took 2 of us with mercs to manage Bonesnapper and I died twice. We did duo Harla Dar, that definitely made me a happy. Maybe for the more hardcore types the epics will be a solo endevour now, but as an average-ish player I still have to watch my step with some things.
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  7. Feara Well-Known Member

    I couldn't tell Jeremy congrats in Chat yesterday, Chat was so overwhelmed. Was that you and him?
    If so, please pass on the Congrats!
  8. Feara Well-Known Member

    Try to take the Leaderboard now, Kenn.
    :p /chuckles

    I didn't expect to see so many Guilds made during this event. I don't think this is just New and Returning Players here.
    I caught some chat where a few Varsoon players were planning a return after the event.

    Time will tell.
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  9. Thand Well-Known Member

    teh buff does not really do much for pet classes as they were specificly excluded from most of the Benifits