The Lore of EQ2 [SPOILERS]

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    While you speak to Kaitheel, maybe ask him to add the full quest transcript in the quest log please? :) I am the sort of person who would read it fully after I completed the quest!
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    I will see what I can do.
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    Tsk, tsk, shame on both of you, not reading all of the quest dialogue.

    Side note:

    I think you can see the entire quest dialogue on EQ2U quest lookup if you add your character then look at the quests.
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    This post including the post about lineage, will be going into the Court of the Blood Rose Library to be housed in Sanctuary of the Court of the Blood Rose on Kaladim as soon as player made books are released.
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    I'd like to see someone finish fleshing this post out to current expac as well. I've been in the game since the beginning of EQ2 and at this point the storylines are kind of a blur.
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    i really wished they would have stuck to the original lore in EQ 1 they goofed it all up once SoV and RoK came out. it was originally intended for the temple of sol ro and all of norrath to fight the invading force in the game the shadowed men. but instead they went with the hole High Elf Vs Dark Elf and Brother betrays Brother. then they threw in the Gods and all the conflict between them. and so on but completely never finished the original intended content for the shadow men to invade. which would have lead to the evolving story of the shadow that hung around the world of norrath and the deeper delving into the shadows for answers. the akheva in fact were meant to be a side note of that as they are the extra plainer beings who frequent luclin.and the means to the realms of shadow were the growing threat was.

    however i think they didnt want the game to turn in such a dark manner and did it the way they did as having a game like this play as a horror movie would not bring in enough general players.
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    I'm sorry, what? I played EQ since the first week it released in 1999 up until EQ2 came out. Nothing of what you just said is remotely familiar to what I experienced in all the years of immersing myself in the game's story and worldbuilding... and if you're talking about EQ2's lore, I can't make heads or tails about what you're talking about other than a vague reference to the void beasts storming the beachfront in Lavastorm as part of The Shadow Odyssey expansion. What "High Elf vs. Dark Elf" and "Brother vs. Brother" thing are you talking about?
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    I'm gonna go with Cusashorn here. You got a link to some old dev chat to support this? I have not come across this anywhere in all my hunting of lore.

    The game mechanics interchange "shadow" and "Void" all the time. The Shadowmen are indeed in fact from the void. The void is another dimension to Norrath. This is where the gods tossed Rohen Theer and Anashti'Sul. There are hints to this in the Lore around all the obelisks, especially the Obelisk of Lost Souls. In that Obelisk the lore in there hints at other planets (dimensions) and the Void/Shadowmen taking over. One of the planets was even shut off. The books you collect also give lore to it. It is all over the Shattered Lands, TSO expansion and Seintenals Fate. You DID get the 'Norrath vs. the invasion force".

    The Akehvans are Luclin's divine creations and she is the Maiden of Shadows which is NOT the void. Two entirely different places. The Akehvans with the Plane of Shadow had their own expansion in EQ1 and have reappeared on Norrath in the Altar of Malice expansion and now with Blood of Luclin. We discover that the Maiden of Shadows has been silent and missing for a long time, suspected because of the Shissar. -insert sig line lore-

    When you do the CD signature line, it actually specifics a 'void' component and a 'shadow' component to bring down Baelenor the Third's shields around his island. They are separate things. Whether or not the dev's use the words interchangeably to throw us off and sow confusion or too many dev's and not enough cohesion...who knows.

    The dev's also set up the high elf vs. dark elf tensions with the history of the Y'dal, Mayong and Innoruuk. That story has morphed. Originally it was Inny who twisted the high elf king and queen out of jealousy and created the dark elves, his first creation out of revenge and jealousy. Then later we learn that they were in fact not his original creations, the Y'dal were.
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    LOL thats me too!
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    I think the shadow man come from the void , but so do other void creatures .
    So I think there are as many communities of different beings as there are on Norath ,and they don't always agree on everything , just like us , so there are different invaders all coming from the void with their own ideas of grandeur .
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    This was confirmed. With both Anasti Sul and Roehn Theer being banished to the Void, both forced their influence on the shadowmen. The Shadowmen started off as these mysterious otherworldly invaders who often did alien-like experiments on locals. We learned that they used to be the same race as what Rodcet Nife is. Then we discovered that they need to anchor themselves to worlds in other dimensions to avoid the ultimate demise of being sucked into that giant black hole. They then started following Anashti Sul in an effort to corrupt Norrath's life into preparing for her ultimate return, and then finally follow Roehn Theer in a never-ending struggle to invade and anchor themselves to Odus.

    The void serves one purpose: eventual annihilation, so the denizens who are trapped within are quick to change their allegiances if it helps their survival.
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    can we put some actual lore stuff in here rather than talk about what was given like what they had asked?
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    As a returning player this was excellent. Please if someone could finish this up to current expansion ? It helps knowing the overview of what has happened when playing.
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    WOW! Thank you!
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    Well, until someone does, there's gonna be more requests for it. ;)

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    I might be misunderstanding a couple things. So I have a couple questions:
    • Didn't Vox and Naggy already "seal the deal" in EQ1 and gave birth to Kerafrym, The Sleeper? They were told not to consummate their love, but did it anyway and created the Prismatic dragon, Kerafyrm. This was well established in Scars of Velious and took place well before the time split. Kerafrym was imprisoned and put in stasis because of the law against dragon killing dragon. The prophesy of the Prismatic dragon (in EQ1 lore which would still be valid considering the time line) was a Prismatic dragon was prophesied to destroy the world if created and not able to be controlled or reasoned with. He was put on ice (no pun intended) to prevent the fulfilling of the prophesy. Players of course wake him up and he goes rage monkey on everyone before disappearing. The old EQ1 developers had plans for Kerafrym to become a "big baddie" in later expansions, but the idea was dropped for other avenues.
    • Sir Lucan D'Lere was found to be a lich in EQ1. Wouldn't that still be the case in EQ2 and explains why he still lives after over 500 years of existence? No mention of his lich-ness was mentioned and it's important to his character arch (in EQ1 lore at least).
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    This is quite a necro post, but at least you're inquiring about certain details.

    Zordikalicus Ragefire is Kerafyrm's father. His ice-element mother was never revealed. Vox and Naggy got the idea to create more prismatic dragons after Kerafyrm set the bar for how destructive dragons can be when they're mentally unstable like that.

    Lucan is a revenant, which is close enough to a lich, only he's still inhabiting his own body. Queen Antonia's statue in Qeynos Harbor even has a speech about how he's an undead who's still alive after all this time.
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    Thanks for the clarification. It's been about 20 years since I was deep into EQ lore so stuff was foggy. I guess the difference whether Lucan was a true lich was whether he had a phylactary hidden somewhere. Apparently not. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I'm new to the forum and read the lore post. I play a necro in the game so I like bringing posts back from the dead.
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    LOL! There's an awesome single-panel comic a brilliant artist on these forums did on: "Everquest 2: Beating Dead Horses Since 2004" featuring her main Necro on a skeletal mount... ;->

    Now if only I could remember which post that was...might've been in Norrathian Homeshow, for all I recall. :-/