The Krewe's "Hide and Seek" Event - Skyfire

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    On Tuesday, April 6th @ 9pm Eastern, The Krewe will hold a "Hide and Seek" event on the Skyfire server. Open to all. The prize will be a tradeable Krono.

    Simple game. One of our members will be hiding in a zone. The first person to open a trade window with them will win the Krono.

    Clues to his whereabouts will be given in intervals to help speed along and narrow down the search area. This toon is crafty so make sure you can equip flying/leaping mounts and just to be sure, have a water breathing ability just incase. We do not want this event haunted by any deaths.

    First clue, in honor of the PVP beta, they will be hiding somewhere in a Vanilla, DoF, or KoS zone.

    The Krewe
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