The ghosts won't leave! Nights of the Dead extended!

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Dexella, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    Those creatures that go bump in the night across Norrath are having so much fun this year, they've decided to stick around for a few extra days!
    Just announced by Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale on Twitter (@WindstalkerEQ2):
    "We are happy to announce we're extending Nights of the Dead through midnight PST on Nov. 7"
    This means you've got two more days to enjoy the festivities! Have fun!
  2. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Druwan Guest

    This just got turned off at noon instead of midnight tonight.
  4. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Daryx@Oasis wrote:
    This is most frustrating, as I was going to be spending today finishing up my quests. Now the devotee quest has been deleted from my characters' quest logs, so even if this gets turned back on soon, I won't have enough time to redo clicking on the NoTD objects in time again.
    And I want to emphasize how many characters can be affected by the wiping of the quest. There are three places where one would usually just map from. Maj Dul, Windstalker Village and Somborn Village. So what I, and I am sure many others did, was go through characters and have the lot of them do each of those three quests, one character at a time, map, the next character does the quest, map and so on. So the cooldowns would be done for the next quest. I have at least 12 characters set to do the last 2 areas, the maze and the zombie area. I could have easily finished those today. But now all the NoTD object clicks have been wiped! I was really enjoying the festival this year. But now, I am not very happy.
    Also, we can't get another of those skull coins that were mailed to use to reactivate the quest, plus I fear the game might not even let us use another one this year.
    Lastly, I had one character that only needed 12 candy corn to get her cloud mount. Had I known this was going to be turned off 12 hours earlier than announced, I would have hurried to get that last 12 corn.
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    Who scared the ghosts?!?!
    In all seriousness, we're sorry for the sudden disappearance. We're extending NotD again to make up for it.
    From @WindstalkerEQ2 on Twitter:
    "We're extending Nights of the Dead until tomorrow night at midnight. We goofed and ended it at noon today (time is hard). Spooky tidings!"
  6. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Dexella wrote:
    What about the devotee quest? I just got another of the items from the ogre at the Nek dock. And was able to use it.
    But if I log my other characters in, will they also have to redo it all again? Or will the quest still show as in progress?

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