The Froglok/Wurgoz story of the creation of undead trolls - when?

Discussion in 'History and Lore' started by ARCHIVED-Darn, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I'm trying to compile a timeline and history in German language, there is pretty much nothing left anymore or in many pieces. While digging through pages like , and's_Creation I find inconsistencies and unclear parts.
    My major point at the moment is: can anyone give an average date for this story happening?
    I found a page that claims (no source) it is part of The Lost Age - which would be 2260 to 2760. Is that correct? The Elddar is still intact, so it must be before Solusek Ro burned it in the Lost Age. But it says it happened when they invaded the Troll city (Grobb I guess?) which was maybe still Age of Blood? Anyone have a time line for this? And anyone knows when the Age of Blood was supposedly beginning too?
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    From what the froglok says:
    'Gkerzha said dagger was ancient trollic weapon of legend -- belonging to the troll hero, Tjarduugh, who saved swampland from invasion by humans centuries earlier'
    The humans weren't around until long after Erollisi gave birth to the barbarians
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    Jacra@Valor wrote:
    From the description ("We prepared an invasion of their city that dwelled deep beneath the soggy earth of the swamp.") it isn't Grobb but Guk.
  4. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    Alluvial@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I know, that is the part I get really confused about. Because he says
    In ancient times when the Elddar forest stood high in all of its lush, emerald beauty across the most of eastern Tunaria, my people came to the swampland known as Innothule. There, we found the trolls -- the vile, horrible, maniacal creations of The Faceless who ruled that land. We wanted only peace and to inhabit a piece of that fertile swampland without confronting the trolls directly. However, they did not feel the same as we. The trolls began to capture and use our people as slaves or consume them as food! We were horrified and took immediate action against them.'
    That sounds like they came to Innothule before Elddar was burned by Solusek (that is the Desert of Ro after all today, right?) and that this story of his took place pretty much immediately. And Solusek burned Elddar in the Lost Age pretty much at its end correct? The Barbarians were created in the Age of Blood before though.
    So you think this happened at the end of the Lost Age? Around 2700 maybe? I have conflicting sources, some say the Lost Age ended with the crash of the Combine Empire 2760, others say the founding of Qeynos as city in 3061 still was part of that age - because the founding of Erudin was only the beginning of the next one, the Age of Enlightenment?
    Anyone knows what year (estimate) Solusek burned down Elddar?
  5. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    Ragnaphore wrote:
    Good point, thanks. I will see if I find a reference for when that invasion took place.
  6. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Jacra@Valor wrote:
    The Curse of Ro happened around the end of the Age of Blood. Humans first appeared...during the lost age. Ages do have a bit of an overlap so its possible that humans first appeared before the forest was evacuated but the Ethernaught story happens during this time period and humans made no appearance in that story, and it was set in the village that eventually grew into Qeynos.
    Personally I'd say late age of blood. EQ1 dates don't line up between ages specifically to throw people off when attempting to line up the different calendars. That allows the devs to have artistic licence and not be too constrained by the 'histories' made by other devs.

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